‘Sherlock’ Season 4 Trailer: ‘It’s Not A Game Anymore’

Sherlock Season 4 has a new trailer, and it gives us more than the first teaser did without giving everything away. This season looks to be darker and more sinister than ever with especially dangerous stakes for Sherlock and, it appears, his friends. A phrase that flashes across the screen and the detective’s utterance at the end of the video will surely whet the appetite of fans and wide as they eagerly await the show’s return on January 1, 2017.

While the previous 15-second teaser gave us little to go on — just a clip of Sherlock and sidekick John Watson sitting in chairs facing each other, water surrounding them — the new trailer looks dark indeed. It begins with the sinister voice of a new character, that of Toby Jones as the villainous Culverton Smith, according to iTech Post.

As we look into the very serious face of our favorite detective and then transition to Holmes watching a house burn, we hear Smith say, “The roads we walk have demons beneath, and yours have been waiting for a very long time.”

It’s a statement that would strike fear in anyone, something it seems to do to Sherlock going by the look on his face as the final words of that statement roll of Smith’s tongue. What are Holmes’ demons? The trailer appears to indicate that we will find out, or at least that one or more characters will, as the new villain says that the worst thing you can do to your friends is to tell them your darkest secrets.

It seems the British detective may have a difficult time convincing some of those around him that things are much more serious than they seem. His partner, Dr. John Watson, tells him he thought something was a trick, while sibling Mycroft calls something he’s saying “we can’t do this” with a look on his face that says “that’s ridiculous.” It seems Sherlock is surrounded by people who still look at what is going on around them as a game, while he knows “it’s not a game anymore.”

Worth noting is that there is no sign of the detectives arch enemy, Moriarty, in either the teaser or the latest trailer. Does that mean we won’t see him in Season 4? Not necessarily. We’ll have to wait and see about that one. As Slate points out, he is apparently dead, but still up to something somehow.

We’re left at the end of the new Sherlock Season 4 trailer with Holmes looking directly at the camera and saying “I love you.” What? Mr. No Emotion, Only Facts and Logic is telling someone he loves them? Who could that be? There are a few possibilities.

There are bound to be many Sherlock fans who are hoping it’s Molly Hooper. The poor girl has been crushing on him for so long, so how great would it be to see him confess that he has feelings for her? This doesn’t really seem to keep the sinister tone that seemingly pervades Season 4, though. Who else could it be?

Maybe it’s a sort of existential statement that’s directed at Moriarty. This villain has always been the most difficult one for Holmes because the two are so similar, so an admission of love for Moriarty would be an admission of love for himself. Eh? Maybe.

One theory has some interesting possibilities, and that is that he is saying it to Watson. A homosexual attraction between Holmes and his partner has been a long-running tease on Sherlock, with many thinking they are a couple throughout the series. Yes, Watson is standing behind Holmes when he makes this statement, but given his incredible difficulty with communicating emotion, it’s something he probably would have problems saying directly to him. And maybe it isn’t a romantic expression. Maybe Sherlock is simply telling Watson that he loves him as a friend.

One last possibility is Mycroft. Season 4 of Sherlock has been described by show writers as tragic, which likely means someone is going to die. Could it be Mycroft? He is also standing behind him in this scene, but could Sherlock be declaring his love to his brother before he dies? It appears that he has a gun in his hand. Could he say this just before he kills Mycroft?

So many possibilities. So much to consider and theorize about in the next couple of weeks. Check out the new trailer for Season 4 of Sherlock below.

[Featured Image by BBC One]