Blac Chyna Gifts Brand New Range Rover To Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian is a proud owner of a brand new Range Rover which was gifted to him by his fiancée Blac Chyna.

Blac Chyna presented the beautiful range rover to Rob Kardashian as a surprise and also as a show of her love and appreciation to Rob for always being there for her. Rob received the massive present complete with a royal blue bow on Monday, just two weeks before Christmas. Clearly, Chyna was eager to hand over the gift to her baby’s daddy. It was a great surprise from the mother of two who gave birth a few weeks ago.

“I love you so much Chy!” Rob posted on Snapchat after receiving his gift.

Chyna was gifted a purple Lamborghini by Rob at the beginning of their relationship and surprising Rob with a Range Rover was also seen as her way of returning the favor. The couple took to social media where they posted photos of the vehicle. Chyna posted a video in which she records Rob’s reaction after she gifted the Range Rover to him.

“Rob loves his new truck. Do you love it?” Blac Chyna says in the Instagram video.

Rob responded to her fiancée by telling her that he loved the new car as he stood next to the driver’s seat inspecting the interior. Chyna stated that she was a bit hesitant to get the vehicle for her soon-to-be husband, perhaps because she did not know whether he would like it. Clearly, from the video, Rob was ecstatic about his present and he could not hide it, thus dispelling any doubts that Chyna had before she got him the Range Rover. Of course, it is easy to understand why she was skeptical. A Range Rover does not nearly match a Lamborghini worth $200,000 but then again it is the thought that usually matters and it is quite a huge car. She was also worried that the surprise would be ruined but everything worked out just fine.

Blac Chyna gifts Range Rover to Rob Kardashian

The couple seems to have quite an affinity for luxurious vehicles. A few months ago, Blac Chyna bought herself a new Rolls Royce worth a whopping $400,000. It was the same vehicle that the couple was seen driving off with from the hospital after Dream was born. Clearly, Rob and Chyna’s garage will be very full.

Rob’s Range Rover might be one of the best gifts that Chyna has gifted to him this year but the best gift for Rob has been baby Dream. The couple has been posting adorable photos of their cute baby on social media and the baby has brought nothing but joy to the family since coming into their lives a month ago.

Blac Chyna gifts Range Rover to Rob Kardashian

Rob and Chyna’s relationship had been going through some ups and downs and there were worries that things might not turn out as expected. However, baby Dream’s birth was a huge blessing to the couple and it brought them closer. Rob has since then stepped up his game and has been determined to be a good dad to baby Dream. Chyna clearly loves Rob and has also been determined to make it work. She might also have been worried about Rob but he has proved himself a great dad and he is also very supportive of her.

Rob definitely deserved the amazing gift for being a good dad as well as a great fiancé to Chyna, which is probably one of the biggest reasons why she decided to get him the Range Rover. It is also a great daddy gift because it has enough space for the young family and he can easily fit Dream’s baby seat in the vehicle and drive her around.

[Featured Image by Raoul Gatchalian/AP Images]