News Stories That Shocked Us In 2016 According To Facebook

With every year, things happen that could be considered unexpected. However, some news happens that no one could ever expect. This year is no different. With that said, here is the news that shocked us in 2016 according to information that Facebook provided the PRNewswire.

Trump Wins!

In a 1988 interview with Oprah, a much younger Donald Trump was asked if he would ever consider running for political office. At first, his answer was a simple, “Probably not.” However, as he talked through with the daytime talk show host, he ultimately came to this conclusion.

“I do get tired of seeing what is happening to this country. And, if it ever got so bad if it got so bad, I would never want to rule it out, totally…I’m tired of seeing what is happening with this country.”

In late 2015 as the country was gearing up for what was thought to be one of the most heated presidential elections of all time, it seemed that Trump had decided it had gotten “so bad.”

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There are few people that saw this as any more than a publicity stunt, initially. His first obstacle was to get through 16 Republican presidential hopefuls many of whom saw Trump as an outsider. One by one they fell, and as time drew nearer, it was obvious that Trump would have the required number of delegates to represent the party.

With gritted teeth and a fake smile, Republican officials conceded, and Trump was announced as their candidate for president. His opponent would be Hillary Clinton, a seasoned politician and in fact the wife of Bill Clinton whom Trump had supported in the past.

In what was one of the nastiest campaigns the country has ever gone through, Tuesday, November 8 arrived with many feeling Trump’s bid as president would easily fall short. However, as the night wore on, the impossible seemed to be happening.

Early in the morning on Wednesday the 9th, the election was called, and Donald Trump had pulled off what Politico called the most shocking upset in American Politics.

Pokemon GO Catches The World

In 1996, Pokemon was released for Nintendo’s Gameboy in Japan. The creator of the series, Satoshi Tajiri, was inspired to create what can be translated as “Pocket Monsters” by his childhood hobby of collecting insects in his native Japan. While bug collecting might have inspired the series, it was Tajiri’s love for gaming that created what has become one of the most valuable properties in the world according to Kotaku.

In 2016, Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures, owners of The Pokemon Company, looked to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Pokemon in a big way. Various events were announced including a new portable game for the Nintendo 3DS handheld device (Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon). One thing lost to most was a collaboration with a small off shoot of Google, Niantic Labs.

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Niantic Labs, creators of the augmented reality game Ingress, looked to take the same technology and apply it to Pokemon GO. What was thought to be a controlled launch turned into nothing short of a phenomenon. The mobile game was initially supposed to be launched simultaneously across multiple countries. After launching in Australia and North America, servers could not handle the load.

Pokemon GO has gone on to be called by SurveyMonkey the most popular mobile game in U.S. history. It has to date grossed more than $750 million, and admittedly, Niantic underestimated just how popular they thought Pokemon GO would be.

Naturally, these are just two of the most shocking news story of 2016.The complete list can be found here. However, these are two of the most surprising twists that most people did not see coming. What are some other stories in 2016 that didn’t quite turn out like you thought it would?

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