Nintendo Switch Confirmed First Party Games At Launch

Last week, Nintendo shook the gaming world on The Tonight Show Starring JimmyFallon with the introduction of the Nintendo Switch. Confirmed first party games for the new system are slowly trickling in, and it seems that fans can finally expect to be getting the third-party support Nintendo has been desperately needing. However, Nintendo has their own plans for some of your favorite characters. If Let’s Play Video Games Laura Dale is correct, the first six months should be filled with plenty of first party ports and third party goodness.

Dale recently put forth the list of Nintendo Switch confirmed first party games gathered by her outside sources on her twitter feed. These same sources were spot on when it came to the unveiling of the Switch in October. There is no reason to believe now that these rumors will not be true. The list takes into consideration games at launch as well as games that will become available six months after the launch.

Mario 3D Game

The unnamed Mario 3D game that was shown on the October unveiling video is expected to be a launch title. According to some sources, the game does have a name, but the parties involved cannot confirm it at this time so they have elected to withhold that detail.

In the video, the game does not seem to be a continuation of the Galaxy series, and from the viewing angle, it doesn’t look to be part of the 3D World series either. Many have compared the game to Super Mario 64that originally came out on the Nintendo 64 including the popular podcast Nintendo Voice Chat on IGN. Could this be a new Mario series or a continuation of something like Super Mario Sunshine from the GameCube days?

[Image by Nintendo of America]

If this truly is a launch title, we may know something more about this as early as January 12 when Nintendo is expected to give full details of the Nintendo Switch.

Mario And Rabbids Crossover Title

A Mario 3D may not be the only game featuring everyone’s favorite plumber on launch day. Ubisoft has been a supporter of Nintendo launches going way back, and it seems that Mario will be featured in a crossover title with the Ubisoft’s Rabbids.

The Rabbids have been heavily featured on Nintendo consoles since the days of the Wii appearing in a series of games that made full use of the Wii Remotes including Rabbids in Time, Raving Rabbids One and Two, as well as WiiWare games. From there Rabbidsland debut on the Wii U. While not often the most popular games, Ubisoft has been faithful to continually feature them on the Nintendo systems.

It seems like the faithfulness has paid off in what will be somewhat of a first for Mario. Not much is known about the crossover other than the fact that it is an RPG. Nintendo is working closely with Ubisoft on the title according to Dale, and part of the reason is to insure this is a day one title.


One thing is for sure, Nintendo caught fire in early 2015 with its new IP Splatoon. What many thought would be just a simple shooter from Nintendo turned out to be a genuine phenomenon especially in Nintendo’s home country of Japan as it pertained to first person shooters. Naturally, Nintendo wants to keep the popularity for the game high, but with the development of the Switch as well as trying to fill out the launch lineup, Splatoon seems to be just getting a port as opposed to a new title in the series.

A very interesting point these rumors persist is that Splatoon could possibly be a pack in title. This would be an interest change from past Nintendo systems that have usually included Mario titles.

So what do you think of Dale’s list of Nintendo Switch confirmed first party games? Does it make sense? Do you see Nintendo not packing a Mario game in with the system’s launch?

[Feature Image by Nintendo of America]