Kim Kardashian Reportedly Miserable Because Of Kanye West Even After Release From Hospital

Kim Kardashian is reportedly still having a hard time and is miserable because of Kanye even after his release from the hospital.

Kim and Kanye are not at a very good place in their relationship right now according to sources. Mr. West is said to have resumed his busy lifestyle regardless of being advised otherwise. His hospitalization was a massive scare to Kim and she is still very worried about his health condition. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality star is not too happy about her husband resuming his busy work life so quickly.

“Kim still denies they are getting a divorce, but things are definitely not great between her and Kanye,” a source familiar with the matter reported.

The source also reported that Kim and Kanye have spent very little time together since he was released from the hospital. West was admitted for one week at the UCLA Medical Center in November, with the cause of his hospitalization being sleep deprivation and exhaustion. There were rumors that the couple was headed for a divorce because they were living in separate houses. There were also rumors that their marriage was in turmoil but those rumors have been shot down.

Kanye West Kim Kardashian
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According to reports, Kim is currently taking the edge off at the Calabasas mansion, which belongs to her mother Kris Jenner. She has been feeling overwhelmed by the unfortunate turn of events, starting with the robbery incident in Paris and then her husband’s hospitalization. In the meantime, West has been living in Bel Air where he has also been recuperating. He was recently spotted out and about in New York on Monday and he looked healthy and relaxed.

Another source stated that Kim needs West to start taking care of her so that she can at least get over the horrific experiences. However, it is not clear whether West is currently in a position to do that since he himself has been recovering. Kanye has been in Bel Air where nurses, doctors, and house staff has been keeping an eye on him. According to the reports, Kim is not pleased with her husband because he has not been focusing on family life or his complete recuperation. The doctors advised him to have more rest and focus on his mental health. However, rather than following the doctor’s advice, West has been engaging in other things and his week has been quite busy.

“She has two kids at home and she is really upset because now she also has to deal with him,” stated one of the insiders.

Kanye was recently spotted on an incognito BMX ride in the streets of L.A with his friends. He was also seen at the “Rick Owens: Furniture” exhibition in West Hollywood. Sources claim that Kim is not happy because Kanye has been doing contrary to what his doctors advised him. Another source stated that Kim is still concerned about her husband’s health despite the fact that he has been receiving outpatient care. Regardless, she has been very supportive of his recovery. It is also not clear how long Kanye will require outpatient care.

Despite all that has happened, Kim has been trying to remain optimistic about her husband’s recovery, though it has not been easy for her. She is trying to handle it all with caution considering all she has gone through lately. Though things have been improving, Kim is still uncertain of how things will turn out. As per the moment, she is trying to relax and not make any rushed decisions until West makes a full recovery. Fortunately, Kim has been trying to avoid wallowing in misery and is instead focusing on her family as well as her career.