The Walking Dead Episode 303: ‘Walk With Me’ Recap

This week’s The Walking Dead, Episode 303 “Walk With Me,” let us finally see what happened to that pesky helicopter that generated the herd that attacked Hershel’s farm last season. Caution, Spoilers ahead.

The sneak peek earlier this week showed us the opening scenes of tonight’s episode. After we see the helicopter inexplicably go down, a traveling Andrea and Michonne see the billowing smoke and head towards it to investigate.

They arrive at the crash site and are about to confirm whether or not there were any survivors when we get our first glimpse of the much awaited Governor. Michonne quickly dispatches her pets before they give their location away. Just when we think they’ve escaped attention who shows up but Merle Dixon – and he’s found an excellent solution to the whole “missing hand” dilemma.

We finally get to see Woodbury, and it’s a gorgeous set. During the commercial break, if you’ve DVR’d the show, I recommend pausing it to read creator Robert Kirkman’s five favorite things the series changed about the books.

The Governor has several interesting men around him that we get to meet in Episode 303, “Walk With Me”. One in particular is a doctor (the “Milton” that executive producer Glen Mazzara told me he was very excited for fans to meet) who is incredibly fascinated with how Michonne managed to keep her pets.

The Governor dubs them “Lurkers”: Walkers who have had their predatory drive removed. Milton learns that by severing their arms and jaws, they’ve lost the ability to hunt, and, over time, through slow starvation, have become relatively non-threatening. By keeping them around, they serve the purpose of camouflage, something he feels they could use to their advantage if he could speak to Michonne and get more information.

Unfortunately for Milton and The Governor, Michonne isn’t talking. She’s mistrustful of the entire situation. And while Andrea continues to be more talkative in an effort to learn more about their host, she can’t hide her disbelief that he will be able to keep Woodbury safe forever. But what she hasn’t grasped is just how brutal the lengths are The Governor’s willing to go to in order to do so.

What did you think of The Walking Dead’s Episode 303 “Walk With Me”? Were you excited to see Merle and Woodbury and learn more about The Governor?

Photos © TWD Productions, LLC / Credit: Gene Page