Carrie Underwood Proves She Is Superwoman, Country Star Goes On An Australian Skydiving Adventure

It’s no secret that Carrie Underwood is one of America’s favorite singers, but who knew that she would turn into superwoman. She can sing, she can do live musicals, she can host an awards show like it’s nobody’s business, and she is a great wife and mother. Now this blond beauty can add experienced skydiver to her growing resume.

Underwood took to Instagram to share her exciting experience with her fans. She did the deed over the weekend in Sydney, Australia of all places where she is currently on tour with fellow country singer, Keith Urban. However, the “Wasted Time” hottie was nowhere in sight when his tour mate decided to jump out of a plane. Carrie’s hairstylist, Melissa Schleicher, was instead willing to take the plunge with the 33-year-old singer.

[Image by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]

The whole thing was documented in photos and short videos thanks to Carrie Underwood and it looked like she was just fine being the daredevil that she is. She did tease her fans a bit before she took to the air by posting a clip giving out hints on what she was about to do. Lip syncing to the tunes of “Leaving on a Jetplane,” “Free Fallin,” and “Jump,” she finally let the cat out the bag that she was indeed going skydiving.

From looking at the snapshots that she shared, Carrie looked like she was exhilarated and had tons of fun. You really couldn’t tell that she may have been just a little bit nervous about the whole thing. Her pictures are amazing as they show different angles of the earth as she is falling 14,000 feet to the ground. She is smiling, screaming, and having the time of her life. At one point, it looks like she is upside down looking at the clouds and earth below.

When she got back to solid ground, Underwood shared a photo of herself with the official certificate showing that she completed the stunt. In fact, there is also a picture of her whole crew holding up certificates as well and she was proud of them.

“This crew takes the #RipcordWorldTour seriously. It’s like I always say…friends that dive together, thrive together. Ok, I never say that, but it sounds pretty cool!”

She and Melissa also joked that they weren’t scared at all. This adventure just shows how much fun Carrie Underwood has while she is on tour. Taking a break from singing has its rewards. However, being the superwoman that she is, the “Church Bells” singer later blew everyone away as she took to the stage on the Monday night after her skydiving experience.

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Now that Christmas is near, Underwood dished to People on her holiday plans for this year. She said that she and husband, Mike Fisher, will be heading to Canada to be with his family for Christmas. She will then spend a little bit of her time in Oklahoma with her family as well. They both have quite busy schedules, so they have to work diligently to make sure they spend as much time as they can with each other and with their families during the holidays.

Her 1-year-old son, Isaiah, usually travels with her while she is on tour. She likes to keep him close and makes sure that she spends some mommy time with him as much as she is able to. However, that is only if she is traveling in the states. The little cutie is not with her this time as she explained that he is having some fun with his daddy and grandparents. It’s not that the little guy didn’t try to convince his mama that he should go with her. In one photo before she left him to head out of the country, Isaiah tried to sneak into her suitcase hoping that she wouldn’t notice.

Now that Carrie Underwood has finally gotten her superwoman status, it will be interesting to see how she can top her skydiving experience. What will she do next?

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