Carly Waddell, Evan Bass Update: Amid ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Break-Ups, Are They Still Planning Wedding?

It’s been a rough month for Bachelor in Paradise couples as several relationships seem to be in trouble. At the end of Season 3, fans saw not one, but three couples get engaged on the season finale. The engaged couples were Carly Waddell and Evan Bass, Lace Morris and Grant Kemp, and Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray. Now less than six months later, the couples are slowly falling apart. Lace and Grant were the first couple to announce a split, but have said they will remain friends. Rumors are flying rampant that Amanda and Josh have also broken up, although neither one has confirmed this news. So now everyone is wondering about Carly and Evan. Are Evan and Carly having problems too or are they still planning their wedding?

Carly and Evan have been a fan favorite couple since they first connected in Paradise this summer. While at first they seemed like an odd pair, they quickly grew on fans and on each other. Fans love seeing Carly and Evan’s relationship continue to grow on social media. Followers of the couple love the quirky humor these two share that is pure magic. Is the magic still going strong?

It looks like while Lace and Grant and Amanda and Josh are having huge issues, Carly and Evan are still deeply in love and planning their future together. Carly took to Instagram just this week to share several pictures of her and Evan together. One photo posted a week ago shows Carly kissing Evan’s cheek and she captioned it, “My love.” Their adoration for one another doesn’t stop there. Evan and Carly are continuously making fans laugh with their back and forth humor on Twitter.

Carly and Evan have not announced a specific wedding date just yet, but it looks like the two are as happy as ever and planning their future. Just two weeks ago, Carly posted a photo to Instagram of herself sporting a jacket that said, “Future Mrs Bass” on the back. Waddell captioned the photo saying, “Cuz we are setting a date, and excited about life together….so why not show it off???? jacket @letterzbyon.”

Cuz we are setting a date, and excited about life why not show it off ???? jacket @letterzbyon

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The love between Carly and Evan is obvious to fans. Carly and Evan are perfect together. Their humor and outgoing personalities fit together quite nicely. Over Halloween, the couple shared of competing with neighbors for the most decorations, Christmas is no different. Evan took to Twitter last week to say, “Currently in a bitter battle with @carlywaddell over how much Christmas cheer is too much Christmas cheer on a front lawn. #nolimits.” Carly replied, “@ebassclinics I’m all about the MORE CHEER….just maybe less of the pigs and dogs peeing on snowmen lol.”

If any of these three couples will survive and actually get married, it will be Carly and Evan. Waddell has already moved in with Bass and has a great relationship with his three children. Shortly after the finale for Bachelor in Paradise aired, Carly expressed how excited she was she could finally follow Evan’s kids on Instagram.

Go @titans ????????

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When Carly and Evan’s wedding does happen, it may not be Chris Harrison officiating the nuptials either. People reported shortly after Carly and Evan’s engagement that new Bachelor Nick Viall may be the one marrying them. Carly had said, “I think he is the best choice ever. He is so real and he’s also very endearing. I know it’s going to work and it’s going to be so nice to go on double dates!”

In the meantime, Nick is working on finding his own forever love. Viall is the leading man in the new season of The Bachelor. Thirty women will be competing for Nick’s heart beginning January 2 on ABC. Do you think Carly and Evan will make it to the altar? Will Nick Viall finally find a lasting relationship? Stay tuned for more information on Carly and Evan and The Bachelor.

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