Beyonce, Rihanna, And Gwen Stefani Had The Top Hits Of 2007

Beyonce Hits 2007

The year 2007 was when the economy began its collapse, thanks to the mortgage crisis and the housing bubble bursting. It was also the year of the Virginia Tech massacre. Movies such as Spider-Man 3, Transformers, and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix led the box office.

In terms of music, female artists truly ruled. Beyonce’s album B’Day had a difficult start in 2006, but by 2007, it produced one of the biggest hits of her career. Rihanna turned into a superstar in 2007, while Fergie proved that big girls don’t cry. Let’s take a look at the top five hits of 2007 as compiled by Billboard and reported on by Music Outfitters.

5. T-Pain (featuring Yung Joc), “Buy You a Drank”

“Buy You a Drank” was a No. 1 hit at the end of May in 2007. This top hit spent 17 weeks in the top 10. As Songfacts notes, several rap songs are mentioned in the lyrics: Lil Scrappy’s “Money in the Bank,” Lil Jon’s, “Snap Yo Fingers,” Lil Boosie’s “Zoom,” 50 Cent’s “Just a Lil Bit” and Unk’s “Walk It Out.”

4. Fergie, “Big Girls Don’t Cry”

Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry” was No. 1 in September of 2007 and became a feminist anthem of sorts for the 2000’s. It was taken from Fergie’s 2006 debut solo album TheDuchess. To date, it’s been Fergie’s biggest hit.

This top 2007 hit is about a woman who finds strength in growing up and being on her own but still misses the man that she was with. According to Songwriter Universe, songwriter Toby Gad claims that Fergie told him she thought about breaking up her long-distance relationship because she needed sort out her life, and he inspired her to put the feelings into lyrics.

3. Gwen Stefani (featuring Akon), “The Sweet Escape”

“The Sweet Escape,” taken from Stefani’s second solo album of the same name, would be Stefani’s last big solo hit. It peaked at No. 2 on Billboard‘s Hot 100, and Stefani stayed in the top five long enough to gain points to score the No. 3 hit of 2007.

According to Songfacts, this top hit is about a couple who make up after a nasty fight and then dream of an idyllic life together. Gwen Stefani and Akon performed this song together on American Idol.

2. Rihanna ft. Jay-Z, “Umbrella”

By 2007, Rihanna had become a household name. That summer, she spent seven weeks at No. 1 with a song that Britney Spears had originally turned down. It was the first single from her album Good Girl Gone Bad.

As Songfacts notes, Rihanna comforts her partner in the song by singing about how she will be there for him in good times or bad. Jay-Z’s rap about himself at the beginning of the song certainly helped “Umbrella” to become a megahit.

1. Beyonce, “Irreplaceable”

Beyonce’s album B’Day received a lot of mixed reviews upon its release. Déjà Vu” and “Ring the Alarm,” the first two singles, failed to make any type of impact. The Washington Post said the album was “nothing to celebrate” upon its September 2006 release date. But “Irreplaceable,” which spent ten weeks at No. 1, helped the album do a complete 180-degree turn.

Beyonce’s top hit song is about female empowerment after a woman’s relationship breaks down when she finds out her man has been cheating on her. In the song, Beyonce tells her former lover that she’s not the type of girl that will just put up with his shenanigans.

“You must not know about me,” she repeats throughout the song, adding that she can find another lover easily and directs her lover to pack his suitcase and leave.

“Irreplaceable” was written by Ne-Yo, who would go on to write Rihanna’s similar-themed “Take a Bow,” which also spent several weeks at No. 1 in early 2008.

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