‘Frankenstorm’ Hurricane Sandy Sets Off Frantic Storm Supply Rush On East Coast

Hurricane Sandy, also known as the “Frankenstorm” has set off a frantic rush by residents to gather storm supplies, including lanterns, generators, propane, and (for the particularly unprepared) rain boots and batteries.

The approach of the massive storm, which should make landfall Monday night, has caused residents in the path of the storm from Virginia to New England to scramble for supplies, reports The Chicago Tribune.

The scramble has caused empty shelves at hardware stores, grocery stores, and long lines at gas stations. Karen Tripodi, a customer service representative at gas station and market Cumberland Farms in Newington, Connecticut, stated:

“It’s been crazy. We’re the only one open who still has gas. They’re coming in for propane, ice, water, milk and cigarettes.”

With huge cities like New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Baltimore, and Boston in the path of Hurricane Sandy, city and state officials have been holding a mass of news conferences about the storm. They have announced mass transit shutdowns, like New York’s subway system, school closures, and also given tips on how to ride out the storm.

Many residents, perhaps remembering Hurricane Irene, have taken those warnings to heart. Smaller stores are running out of supplies, while large stores are rushing trucks to deliver supplies quickly, notes CNN.

A Lowe’s store in Bowie, Maryland, reported hot-selling items as generators, batteries, sandbags, sand, water, emergency radios, tarps, dry ice, lanterns, plywood, gas cans, propane, rain boots, and rain suits. Melissa Stone, whose father is in the evacuation zone near Cosey Beach, Connecticut, stated:


“I can’t imagine what kind of damage this will do. It makes me sick, I can’t even think about it.”

Along with rushing dozens of trucks carrying generators, Sears is offering expedited delivery for orders on both Sears.com and Sears mobile. Home Depot is reporting plywood, hurricane shutters, ice chests, and battery-powered radios being sold in vast amounts.

For tips on how to prepare for the Frankenstorm, Hurricane Sally, check out the list of recommended supplies by Storm Prepare.