July 14, 2017
2017 NFL Mock Draft: QB Mitch Trubisky, LB Jabrill Peppers, And RB Leonard Fournette In Top Five Picks

The 2017 NFL mock draft picks are receiving heavy speculation as a good number of teams are preparing for another disappointing season. In the case of football squads such as the winless Cleveland Browns or the "just a few" win teams like the Chicago Bears and New York Jets, getting a few top prospects onto the roster will be their priority. With talented college players like quarterback Mitch Trubisky, linebacker Jabrill Peppers, and running back Leonard Fournette, some teams are ready for the 2017 NFL draft to start as soon as possible. Here's a look at the latest on these top draft prospects and which NFL teams could end up with them.

Rob Rang of CBS Sports recently presented his picks for 32 teams in a mock draft report. As many fans are expecting, the Cleveland Browns will be the franchise holding the top draft pick since they are simply unable to win games with what they have. The team suffered a setback when the season started as their new quarterback, Robert Griffin III, was lost, leaving them to rely on their NFL rookie Cody Kessler. While the Browns have the talents of Terrell Pryor, they don't have much more beyond that and could really use the help.

Rang indicates that Cleveland has its sights set on quarterback Mitch Trubisky from North Carolina. Trubisky became the UNC starter this season, and at six-foot-three and 220 pounds, he has the size and potential to make an impact. For the season, Trubisky's racked up 3,468 yards and 28 touchdowns with just four interceptions on 281-of-408 completed passes. He's averaging 8.5 yards per throw and a completion rate of 68.9 percent. The Browns are certainly hoping that he can give them more than they got with previous NFL draft pick Johnny Manziel.

LSU Running Back Leonard Fournette in NFL Mock Draft
LSU Running Back Leonard Fournette could be a top-five NFL draft pick. [Image by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images]

For sports fans who have followed college football heavily the past several seasons, Leonard Fournette is already a household name thanks to his stellar abilities rushing the ball. The talented junior LSU running back has tallied 40 touchdowns and almost 4,000 yards during his college career. He'll certainly add an impact to whichever squad takes him, and it's being speculated he could be Jacksonville's pick at the No. 3 spot in the 2017 NFL draft.

The Jaguars are just 2-11 in their current season and currently rank at No. 21 in the league in rushing yards per game. After seeing the impact rookie Ezekiel Elliott has made with the Cowboys, who wouldn't want a talented back like Fournette? The only problem could come down to whether or not he has chronic ankle issues, which will likely be scrutinized during the NFL combine and medical tests. If that is determined to be a hindrance to his potential, he will likely see his draft value plummet some.

Peppers' playmaking potential makes this prospect a potential top pick. [Image via Getty Images]
Peppers' playmaking potential makes this prospect a potential top pick. [Image by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images]

Yet another guy who has made a name for himself in college football is defensive back Jabrill Peppers. The Michigan star can play strong safety or linebacker and has plenty of talents to contribute to a struggling team. In the case of the latest NFL mock draft speculation, he could end up with the New York Jets. They're currently 4-9 overall and could use someone with some playmaking abilities to assist in games. Peppers could be a prime choice for this NFL squad, which is once again at the bottom of the AFC East standings.

2017 NFL Mock Draft Top 10:

  1. QB Mitch Trubisky (UNC) - Browns
  2. DE Myles Garrett (TAMU) - 49ers
  3. RB Leonard Fournette (LSU) - Jaguars
  4. DE Jonathan Allen (ALA) - Bears
  5. LB Jabrill Peppers (MICH) - Jets
  6. WR Mike Williams (CLEM) - Titans
  7. CB Teez Tabor (FLA) - Panthers
  8. OT Cam Robinson (ALA) - Bengals
  9. ILB Rueben Foster (ALA) - Browns
  10. CB Marlon Humphrey (ALA) - Saints
One thing is quickly made apparent to those who may have been living under a rock the past college football season: the Alabama Crimson Tide have a good bit of talent on their roster. In the latest mock draft picks, there are four speculative prospects from Bama heading to NFL teams in need. Also of note, the Cleveland Browns have a real shot at improving their roster in a hurry if they make the right picks. As it stands, they hold the top overall pick and then another draft pick they received in a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles. That could help them become winners rather than winless if they can find the right talents.

Sports fans, out of the top 10 NFL mock draft picks listed above, which team could end up with the best pick? Will the Browns do well in taking a quarterback like Trubisky at the first overall pick, or should they look to the upcoming draft for another position instead?

[Featured Image by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images]