UFO Sightings Daily Increasing: Could Data Signal Big Event?

UFO sightings daily are common data that UFO researchers sift through to find cases in need of follow up. If the last month was an indicator of how much work will be required to keep up, according to UFO Stalker, a reference for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), UFO researchers will be sifting through 31 percent more sightings for that time span, including a 43 percent uptick in the last week alone. The National UFO Reporting Center has not updated its numbers to account for the weekend’s reports, but it too is reporting an uptick in November UFO sightings, though not as significant as MUFON’s numbers.

UFO sightings daily function as a data set, in the same way a seismograph provides a primary data set for scientists who study earthquakes and volcanos. Not all seismic readings indicate earthquakes. A few years ago, Seattle Seahawks football fans triggered a seismic reading by cheering during a game. In the same way, UFO sightings data could indicate more mundane occurrences, and most of the time do.