Bobbi Kristina’s Inheritance Dispute Settled After Executors Reach Agreement

Bobbi Kristina’s inheritance dispute with grandmother Cissy Houston is finally over after the executors of Whitney Houston’s estate (Cissy and Pat Houston) reached an agreement with the late singer’s daughter.

Th co-executors of Houston’s estate originally filed legal papers in an attempt to change how Whitney’s fortune would be paid out to the former star’s 19-year-old daughter, reports TMZ.

Houston’s will states that Bobbi Kristina would receive her inheritance — an estimated $20 million — in three separate payments. The first would be 10 percent when she turns 21 ($2 million). The second would be just under 20 percent at age 25 ($4 million) the rest would come when she turns 30 ($16 million).

Bobbi Kristina, Whitney Houston’s only child, is the sole beneficiary of her mother’s estate, meaning that she will inherit everything that the late singer owned, notes The Daily Mail.

Whitney’s daughter is currently engaged to Nick Gordon, who was the late star’s unofficial adopted son. Houston took Gordon in when he was 12. His father had passed away and his mother was unable to take care of him. Following Whitney’s death, however, the two have grown closer.

The legal papers that Cissy and Pat Houston filed have reportedly been dismissed and it appears that Cissy and Bobbi Kristina have come to an agreement over the 19-year-old’s inheritance payments, which will remain much the same as Whitney intended.

Despite the fact that the inheritance payments are virtually unchanged, both Bobbi Kristina and her grandmother are reportedly content with the plan they agreed on.

Do you think that Cissy Houston should have a say in Bobbi Kristina’s inheritance, or allow it to stay as Whitney Houston intended?