Netflix 'The Crown' Season 2 Cast: New Characters Confirmed [Spoilers]

It's official that the Netflix original series The Crown will be back for Season 2 and Season 3, but there will be some cast changes that have been confirmed with comings and goings. Claire Foy and Matt Smith are back for Season 2 of The Crown, but reportedly not returning for season three, as they are too young to play the aging Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip at that point. But the big focus of the cast and character changes will revolve around the office of the Prime Minister, and the love life of Princess Margaret.

There has been an uproar related to nearly a full cast turnover for Season 3 of Netflix The Crown, according to the Inquisitr, but it makes sense in terms of a passage of time. Each season of The Crown will be a passage of time that is seven to ten years, and despite the advances in makeup, an actress who played Princess Elizabeth at 21 would not likely be believable as Queen Elizabeth in her 40s. Considering that The Crown is going to continue through at least five seasons, the change will need to be made at some point, and the show will move on without Claire Foy and Matt Smith.

Netflix The Crown Season 2 cast will still include Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth, Matt Smith as Prince Philip, and stand-out Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret, according to Express UK. While the family of Queen Elizabeth will continue to expand by the end of Season 2, Princess Margaret will leave Group Captain Peter Townsend behind, and start a whirlwind love affair with photographer, Antony Armstrong-Jones.


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Armstrong-Jones will introduce an older, wilder Princess Margaret to a celebrity and Hollywood crowd, which will interject a whole new clique of friends to the British royal family, sometime, to the disapproval of Queen Elizabeth. Vanessa Kirby is excited to play the princess in this point in her life.

"She meets Antony and she goes head first into a completely new, exciting, dangerous, volatile, dysfunctional relationship and then marriage. Tony starts this whole trail of a more bohemian life. Margaret was best friends with Elizabeth Taylor, and she had loads of American actress friends and singers."
With Armstrong-Jones, who becomes Lord Snowden after they marry, Margaret has two children in the sixties, and Queen Elizabeth adds two children to her brood, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. Prince Charles and Princess Anne are being recast during season two, as by the end, they will be teenagers.
But perhaps the biggest dramatic change will be with the office of the Prime Minister, which was alluded to in the final scene of season one of Netflix The Crown, according to Vanity Fair. Season 1 of The Crown ended with Winston Churchill retiring, and the troubling Anthony Eden taking his place. Eden obviously has a drug problem, and the first season ends with him passing out while watching a news reel of Colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt. Call a glimpse of Eden overdosing with a needle stuck in his arm less than subtle foreshadowing.

Eden's undoing came as a result of war with Egypt over the Suez Canal, which Queen Elizabeth called the "dam project." Season two of The Crown strongly suggests that Eden, who tended to favor peace, went to war with Egypt on an amphetamine-fueled, personal vendetta against the Egyptian leader.

A book, Sir Anthony Eden and the Suez Crisis: Reluctant Gamble, written by Jonathan Pearson, indicates that drugs prescribed to Eden in the early fifties harmed his judgement.

"The initial euphoria they produced gave Eden a false sense of his own condition, while their side-effects exaggerated his personality traits, increasing his insecurity and vanity."
Eden's missteps harmed not only his reputation, but the way England and its monarchy was viewed. But Claire Foy, who plays Queen Elizabeth, says that the audience won't miss a minute in the timeline of history.

We literally pick up where we left off—in 1956. I think Peter's taking [us up to] 63 or 64. We get into the 60s, and it is a whole other world happening."

But Anthony Eden's resignation in 1957 isn't the end of the troubles, but the beginning of different ones for Queen Elizabeth. It was at that time that rumors started to boil over about Prince Philip and his wandering eye. In early 1957, the Chicago Tribune published rumors of Prince Philip catting about.
"There have been rumors here for several years that Elizabeth has been disturbed over Philip's roving eye, and that he has been seen a little too often in the company of other women. But the British press has printed not a word of this."
In time, divorce will become an option for Princess Margaret, but it was not to even be a consideration for Queen Elizabeth. But as royal watchers know, the divorce of Princess Margaret will not be the last crumbling marriage in the house of Windsor.

What do you think of the cast and character changes of Netflix The Crown?

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