Jenelle Evans Custody Battle: Nathan Griffith Wanted For Domestic Assault

Jenelle Evans recently decided to sue her ex-boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, for sole custody of their son, Kaiser. This news was a bit shocking to fans because earlier this year, the two had reached an agreement for joint custody and seemed to be working rather well for both of them. Evans alleges that Griffith is a danger to her son, and she only wants what is best for him. If the violence that happened between them while they were together is any indication of what happens when they are apart, the concern for Kaiser’s safety could be a valid one.

Teen Mom 2 is getting ready to begin airing in January, and both Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith will be taking part in it. The two can be seen talking about one another in the trailer. It appears that Evans had her court battle with Griffith’s on-again-off-again girlfriend, Jessica Henry, filmed. The jury found her not guilty on the violent offense charge, which was a lucky break.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jenelle Evans might get another break courtesy of Jessica Henry. It is alleged that Nathan Griffith assaulted Henry during the early morning hours by choking her while sitting on top of her. This allegedly happened this morning after a night out at a bar. Henry’s roommate confirms the story, and there is currently a warrant out for Griffith.

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The relationship between Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith played out on Teen Mom 2. Barbara Evans cautioned her daughter against him, especially after she found out the how bad the two used to fight. The idea that Evans is keeping Kaiser from his father is rumored to be false. She is claiming that he doesn’t use all of the allotted time as it is, and because of that, she is looking to limit it. With the new allegations against Griffith, Jenelle Evans could have the upper hand. Between this new incident and one that happened a few months ago with Jessica Henry, Nathan Griffith’s chances are not looking too good.

Rumors circulated about Nathan Griffith’s alleged violent behavior when Jenelle Evans first announced she was dating him. In fact, there was a very public arrest made on Teen Mom 2 when Griffith was drinking and became violent with Evans. He was arrested on the show, and the footage was alarming to some fans. It is unclear what will happen this time around as he has yet to actually face charges or be held accountable for anything that has happened in the past. Evans has yet to speak out about the most recent encounter, but she will likely use to it further her court case against her ex-boyfriend.

It is an unfortunate situation for Jenelle Evans. In hindsight, she should have never had a child with Nathan Griffith, but right now, David Eason is helping to raise her son. The two are expecting their first child together, a little girl this winter. Evans can’t be under a lot of stress right now as she is close to her due date. Her concern is for Kaiser’s safety, and at the moment, it isn’t looking promising with Griffith.

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Fans are waiting for Jenelle Evans to speak out regarding the latest development. They are also waiting for more facts regarding Jessica Henry’s account of what happened. As more details emerge, information about the custody battle will be coming out. Teen Mom 2 fans are rooting for Evans in this case, and that says a lot. Right now, it is a waiting game until Nathan Griffith is apprehended for the warrant. Jenelle Evans just might get away with winning the sole custody battle after all.

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