Facebook Feud: ‘Brady Bunch’ Star Susan Olsen In Homophobic Tirade

Susan Olsen, of Brady Bunch fame, has come under intense scrutiny after unleashing much homophobic-fueled vitriol. The Brady Bunch was a much-loved and cherished show that ran from 1969 to 1974, and Susan Olsen starred as Cindy Brady, the youngest child of the family, a veritable picture of pig-tailed innocence.

Things appear to have changed as Fox News reports that Susan Olsen has recently been fired after a public argument with actor Leon Acord-Whiting, who has never shied away from the fact that he is gay.

On Friday, LA Talk Radio stated that they had chosen to end their working relationship with Susan Olsen after her homophobic rant.

“LA Talk Radio takes pride in its close and collaborative relationship with the LGBT community, and will continue to provide a home for those who have hopeful and positive messages of togetherness and tolerance to share with our listeners. We will not tolerate hateful speech by anyone associated with our radio station and have severed our ties with a host that veered off the direction in which we are going.”

Susan Olsen with other 'Brady Bunch' stars Christopher Knight and Maureen McCormick at the Hollywood Palladium on March 2, 2003.
Susan Olsen with other 'Brady Bunch' stars Christopher Knight and Maureen McCormick at the Hollywood Palladium on March 2, 2003. [Image by Frank Micelotta/Getty Images]

The trouble began when actor Leon Acord-Whiting took to Facebook to complain about Susan after he had been a guest on her show, known as Two Chicks Talkin’ Politics, in which Olsen and partner Sheena Metal discuss various topics. On Facebook, Acord-Whiting spoke of Susan Olsen as being both “unprofessional” and “dangerous.”

On Susan Olsen’s radio show, they had been discussing politics and Olsen’s staunch support for President-elect Donald Trump. Leon Acord-Whiting questioned Susan’s support for Trump along with his various policies. Things went into a fast downward spiral after that, as the two clashed over politics, and Leon asked LA Talk Radio to get rid of Susan Olsen due to what he called her “idiotic lies.”

Olsen, for her part, wasn’t pleased about this latest turn of events and took to Facebook to post her version of events and what she felt had transpired on Two Chicks Talkin’ Politics. Acord-Whiting’s original complaint that he posted on his Facebook page about Susan revolved exclusively around politics and Donald Trump. The actor called Susan Olsen a “fanatic.” At this point, Susan Olsen had not posted anything that could be construed as homophobic.

“It is wildly irresponsible for LA Talk Radio to allow a Trump fanatic to co-host one of their programs, where she can spew her idiotic lies unchecked. (Being a liberal and a patriot are mutually exclusive? Hillary is causing the protests and hate crimes? The Koran is a political tract?) As much as I love Sheena Metal, I think LA Talk Radio needs to give “Cindy Brady” her walking papers. I will not listen to or appear on any shows there from this point forward until she’s gone. This isn’t just disagreeing on, say, tax plans or foreign policy. Susan Olsen spreads outrageous misinformation and it is dangerous and unprofessional.”

After posting his missive, Leon Acord-Whiting blocked Susan Olsen. However, the online feud began took on a very nasty tone after Susan Olsen showed her homophobic side in further social media discourse and asked her supporters to send him some love in a Facebook post.

“This is the little piece of human waste. He blocked himself from me before I could even get one hit in. If you can find him, please send him my love.”

Susan Olsen and Florence Henderson at LGBT event
Susan Olsen and Florence Henderson on June 11, 2009 at Television Academy's Diversity Committee's Second Annual LGBT Event. [Image by Toby Canham/Getty Images]

While online feuds on Facebook are nothing new, this one was taken to a whole new level after Susan Olsen started sending Acord-Whiting private messages with numerous homophobic and anti-gay slurs, which the actor saved and AV Club posted on their website. In these messages, Susan called the actor a “snake in the grass” and said that she hoped he would “meet his karma slowly and painfully.”

After LA Talk Radio announced that Susan Olsen would no longer be hosting the radio show, Leon Acord-Whiting took to Facebook one last time and announced that getting fired was never a fun thing, even when the person in question “deserves it.” He thanked everybody for their support.

What do you think about Susan Olsen’s recent homophobic rant? Is it a good idea for celebrities to take to social media to publicly denounce each other and feud?

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