Nebraska High School Students Allegedly Put Semen In Cake Frosting For Home Ec Class, Tried To Feed It To Teacher

Three Nebraska high school students are possibly facing misdemeanor criminal charges for allegedly putting semen into cake frosting and then attempting to feed it to their Home Ec teacher, the Omaha World-Herald is reporting.

The incident took place last Thursday afternoon at Omaha’s Westside High School.

Authorities say that students, ages 14 and 15, were making apple turnovers with frosting for a Home Economics lesson. During the class, each of the three boys, one at a time, made an excuse to go to the bathroom. There, each boy masturbated and then brought their semen back into the classroom, and then mixed it with frosting.

The boys then put their tainted frosting on their turnovers, and the female teacher tasted one. She noticed something was “amiss,” authorities say. That’s when another student informed the teacher that he had overheard the boys talking about their plan.

School officials brought the teens in for questioning, and two of them allegedly admitted to putting semen in the frosting. A third teen said he chickened out at the last minute.

“All three admitted to having planned to bring semen into the classroom, to mix it into the food product, and present it to their teacher for tasting.”

Then the Omaha police were brought in. They seized the containers into which the boys had allegedly brought their semen into the classroom, and brought the boys downtown.

As it turns out, authorities aren’t quite sure what crimes, if any, they can charge the boys with. Adulterating someone’s food is not a crime unless you do so in a way that intends to bring harm to them, such as with poison or glass shavings. Similarly, Nebraska law makes it a felony to spit on a police officer, but doesn’t address assaulting regular people with bodily fluids.

For now, the boys are charged with misdemeanor charges of disturbing the peace, although more criminal charges may be forthcoming.

Although the teens may not be facing much trouble legally, they will certainly face discipline at school. In a statement via KETV-TV (Omaha), the Westside School District confirmed that the teens would face the consequences. However, as in all cases involving discipline of students in a public school, officials cannot say much more due to student privacy laws.

“An incident took place Thursday at Westside High School involving three students and a staff member. We are not commenting on specifics involved in this case, other than to say we offer our complete support to the staff member involved, and we are working with Omaha Police to determine what/if any criminal citations are issued. These students will face consequences, but per district policy, we cannot release specifics regarding the course of punishment. This incident is not indicative of Westside High School or any of our schools, environments that promote respect for all of our staff members and students.”

As for the teacher who possibly ate a small amount of semen-adulterated frosting, she’s most likely going to be OK. According to the San Francisco City Clinic, there is a possibility of transmission of a sexually transmitted infection, such as an STI, from swallowing semen, but unless the boys who committed this act against her are themselves sick with STI’s, she’s probably in the clear.

Do you think the Nebraska teenagers who put semen in cake frosting and fed it to a teacher should be charged with a crime?

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