Bill Cosby Reportedly Seeking Plea Deal To Prevent Trial And Dying In Prison [Video]

Bill Cosby is reportedly hoping to wrangle a plea deal to avoid both trial and, what many close to the comedian believe, the inevitable prison time to follow. Recently, the Bill Cosby legal defense team was dealt a serious blow when the Pennsylvania judge presiding over the disgraced star’s sexual assault criminal trial ruled that a damning 2005 deposition will be admissible in court.

The deposition in question is related to a civil sexual assault case. In that sworn testimony, Page Six reports that Bill Cosby admitted to drugging women before having what he called “consensual” sex with them.

Those close to Bill Cosby believe that the nature of the 79-year-old comedian’s deposed 2005 “confession” could make a conviction during the pending criminal trial a near-certainty. Currently, Cosby is facing three felony charges of aggravated indecent assault stemming from an alleged 2004 sexual encounter with a then-Temple University student.

“He and his family, including his wife, Camille, are adamant that Bill won’t be able to convince a jury to let him off. Cosby and his family believe he’ll be eligible for a sentence of just probation… and remove the threat of him dying in prison. They are hoping that the district attorney will feel as though he’s won with a plea deal and they’re thinking that the DA will consider Cosby’s age, his medical condition, the fact that he’s paid the victim on the case millions, and the fact that his career is over.”

The Bill Cosby criminal trial is scheduled to begin in June, 2017. However, according to a source close to Cosby, he is hoping to avoid having to go to trial entirely by striking a plea deal. The former Cosby Show star is said to be seeking a sentence that will allow him to stay out of and avoid “dying in” prison.

As Perez Hilton reports, more than 50 women have now come forward to accuse Bill Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them. According to alleged victims, the Cosby pattern of sexual exploitation of women went back decades.

At this stage of his life, Bill Cosby is aging and has seen his once-lucrative career fall into shambles as the sexual assault scandal that has dominated his reputation exploded. His health is also failing, and there have been widespread reports that Cosby is now legally blind. He is often seen being “guided” by his security personnel and/or walking with a cane.

Bill Cosby’s blindness has even been brought up by his legal team in court, sparking arguments that Cosby can’t identify his accuser(s) because he can’t physically see them. Some have said that this tactic is an attempt by Bill Cosby and his legal team to curry sympathy from the prosecutors, judge, and eventual jurors in his sexual assault case. Others even say that Bill Cosby is faking it, that the severity of his vision problems are being exaggerated as a ploy to keep him out of prison.

In fact, the only thing that has allowed Cosby to remain a free man in the aftermath of the multiple felony sex charges he’s facing has been his finances. He is currently free on a hefty $1 million bail.

According to a source close to Bill Cosby, he believes that his current legal trouble has been exacerbated by his race, something his legal team has mentioned in past months.

“[Cosby] truly believes that this prosecution is racially motivated. He’s rich, he’s famous and the world loved him. But if it were, say, a Robert Young or Fred MacMurray, if they were ever accused, America itself would not stand for it.”

So far, the Montgomery County, Pennsylvania District Attorney has refused to publicly comment on a potential Bill Cosby plea agreement.

“I have no comment.”

In 2006, Bill Cosby settled civilly with the alleged sexual assault victim pertaining to his Pennsylvania criminal case. That woman, Andrea Constand, has accused Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting her.

In his damning civil deposition, Cosby admitted plying the then-college coed with quaaludes. He also described his violation of her physical person, speaking of putting his hands down her pants and being in the area between “permission and rejection” of his advances when doing so.

“I don’t hear her say anything, anything. And I don’t feel her say anything. And so, I continue and I go into the area that is somewhere between permission and rejection. I am not stopped.”

Cosby has long argued that he only spoke freely during that civil deposition due to a promise he was made by former District Attorney Bruce Castor. According to Bill Cosby, Castor promised that the comedian would never face criminal charges related to the civil case. Judge Steven O’Neil, however, ruled that the previous DA’s “promise” was not a legal guarantee, allowing the criminal case against Bill Cosby to proceed and further ruling that the deposition was admissible as evidence against him.

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