Kylie Jenner Sex Tape Rumors Reignite After Steamy Snap With Tyga

Kylie Jenner sex tape rumors have started to build some steam again after the reality starlet’s most recent romp with Tyga. Kylie posted an NSFW picture of herself and her boyfriend in bed together, and now it seems that everyone wants to see more. It doesn’t help matters that sex tape rumors have plagued Kylie for a few years now despite her age. Will an explicit video of Kim Kardashian’s youngest sister ever hit the internet?

The Hollywood Gossip brought up the sex tape rumors and even compared Kylie to Kim Kardashian. Kylie made a name for herself after doing everything that Kim did. She even used to steal clothes from Kim’s closet and wear them on social media, causing a sister feud that has since been squashed. Given her penchant for copying Kim, this is the one thing Kylie hasn’t done that her sister has. Considering that Kylie’s big sister made it big when her sex tape with Ray J was leaked, is it possible that Kylie is thinking about doing the same thing?

Kylie Jenner recently copied Kim Kardashian’s break the internet pose and got a lot of attention for it. Kylie’s version wasn’t as glamorous as Kim’s. It was basically just a picture of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star pulling down her jeans and showing off her famous bare butt. There were no pearls, and she didn’t have a fancy updo like her big sister did when she posed for Paper.

She also leaked pictures from an upcoming calendar and let’s just say that little is left to the imagination. The month of August gets a special mention. In it, Kylie is celebrated her birthday in the buff while chowing down on some birthday cake. So why not a Kylie Jenner sex tape at this point?

It’s no secret that Kylie wants to be bigger and more famous than Kim ever was. If that means making a sex tape, she might just do it. It’s not like everyone hasn’t already seen nearly every square inch of the reality starlet already anyway.

Some reports are calling Kylie Jenner’s steamy Snapchat session with Tyga a sex tape already. The sexy pictures were released on the same day that Kylie launched a tremendously popular pop-up shop where she sold out of her infamous lip kits in record time. Kylie’s makeup line is so wildly popular that she just can’t seem to keep it in stock.

It seems like reality TV fans just can’t get enough of Kylie Jenner. That means a sex tape release would go completely nuts, even if it meant fans had to deal with watching Tyga to see Kylie. The Stir even reported that Kylie can’t seem to help herself and she loves the attention from all the sexy pictures she posts. A sex tape would just seal the deal and catapult her popularity, especially with the male demographic.

While some figure that Kylie Jenner’s latest adult film-esque Snapchat video was nothing more than an ad campaign, others are practically begging the reality star to take it one step further and bare all for a steamy sex tape. After all, she seems to want to show everyone literally everything so why not take it to the next level. It was Kim Kardashian’s sex tape that became the highest grossing of all time. Since Kylie wants to beat all of Kim’s records and take over as the most popular member of their famous family, she should get to work on that record because Kim and Ray J have years of sales on her.

[Featured Image by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]