December 12, 2016
Nicole Scherzinger Accused Of Being Drunk & 'Unprofessional' On 'The X Factor' Finale [Video]

Nicole Scherzinger is being accused of being drunk during the Season 13 finale of The X Factor, which aired live in the U.K. on December 11, after tripping on stage and later bursting into tears.

After Nicole appeared to display some pretty erratic behavior before seeing her act Matt Terry be crowned the thirteenth winner of the British talent search, viewers flocked to social media to accuse Scherzinger of being "unprofessional" and seemingly drunk on live TV.

"Being as drunk or off her face as Nicole is on X Factor tonight is disgusting unprofessional. #xfactorfinal," Twitter user @liammoorhouse tweeted out of Nicole's bizarre antics on the show's big finale, while @LisaNewcombe99 wrote on the 140-character site, "God Nicole looks very drunk on X Factor tonight."

"Is it just me who thought Nicole looked drunk on X Factor tonight?" @emily_smith2001 added of Nicole's erratic appearance on the ITV show, while The X Factor fan @BillieJoSmith_x also accused Scherzinger of being drunk during the live broadcast by claiming on social media that "it's obvious that Nicole was drunk on X Factor."

Other The X Factor fans even claimed that this wasn't the first time Scherzinger has appeared drunk during the latest season of the show, which began airing in August.

"Nicole Scherzinger's been reaaally drunk on X Factor quite a few times now," @worndowntoys added of Scherzinger's strange behavior on the show's finale.

Nicole has not commented on the accusations claiming she was drunk and has not confirmed whether or not she was drinking before or during the live broadcast, though Mirror reported that Scherzinger only appeared to fuel the drunk accusations with her actions throughout the show, allegedly tripping when taking to the stage before then bursting into tears.

According to the site, Scherzinger "tripped up mere moments into the final" while taking to the stage alongside fellow judges Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell and reportedly "had to be held up" by Simon as the group took to their seats.

Shortly after her on-stage slip-up, the site claimed that Nicole became visibly emotional while talking to Matt moments before his win, tearing up when praising the singer following his performance.

Simon Cowell & Nicole Scherzinger
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But while Nicole Scherzinger has not spoken out amid allegations claiming she appeared drunk during The X Factor finale, this isn't the first time the former Pussycat Dolls star has been accused of being drunk on the show after she returned to the judging panel earlier this year following a three-year break after Scherzinger originally left the series in 2013.

According to Daily Star, Nicole was also accused of being drunk on The X Factor back in November, as the site claimed that Scherzinger appeared "extra excited" when praising eventual winner Terry following a performance.

The site reported that viewers accused Nicole of being drunk following the November 5 broadcast of The X Factor, claiming that Scherzinger's response to Matt's performance consisted of her "shaking her chest" and then repeating the phrase "Whammy Whammy Whammy," causing some viewers to call out Scherzinger on her pretty bizarre behavior on social media.

Nicole Scherzinger
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But while Nicole is yet to speak out regarding accusations claiming she was drunk during The X Factor finale broadcast, Scherzinger made it pretty clear that she was having a great time after seeing Terry win the thirteenth season of the show.

Nicole took to social media to post some snaps from The X Factor finale on Instagram, including one in which Scherzinger described Cowell, Walsh, and Osbourne as being her "family."

"My #xfactor Family," Nicole captioned the photo alongside a heart as fans claimed she was drunk, just hours after posting a photo of herself and Matt taking to The X Factor stage in which Scherzinger called the eventual winner her "ScherzyBoy."

Do you think Nicole Scherzinger was drunk during The X Factor Season 13 finale?

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