‘Catwoman’: Boyfriend, Lloyd Klein, ‘Falsely’ Arrested For Assaulting Jocelyn Wildenstein Days After Her Arrest For Assaulting Him

Boyfriend of the infamous “Catwoman” was arrested on Sunday for allegedly assaulting his socialite girlfriend, Jocelyn Wildenstein, just four days after her arrest for assaulting him. A rep for Lloyd Klein, 49, said the charges of assault with intent to cause physical harm to Catwoman, as well as robbery charges, are all “false” and completely made up by the 71-year-old Wildenstein. Jocelyn Wildenstein, better known as Catwoman, due to extensive plastic surgery, called the police on Klein early Sunday morning, saying he was assaulting her and taking items that were not his, according to People Magazine.

The NYPD arrested Klein around 5:53 a.m. on Sunday where Catwoman lives in the Trump World Tower in Midtown Manhattan. According to Catwoman, Klein entered her apartment around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday to pick up his things, and ended up shoving her to the ground, while also grabbing some of her personal belongings, including a cell phone case, a credit card, a Swiss ID, and an iPhone, as reported by Page Six. Authorities said Klein allegedly pushed Catwoman to the ground, causing her neck pain, back pain, and a minor hand injury.

Police charged Klein with misdemeanor assault and robbery, all of which a rep for Klein says are “false” charges. Melanie A. Bonvicino confirmed her client’s arrest to People Magazine, but went on to say that Klein was falsely accused. Catwoman and Klein had lived together at the Trump World Tower residence for over a decade, and, according to Bonvicino, Klein simply entered his residence on Sunday morning to remove his personal effects. Bonvicino went on to say that Klein is cooperating with the NYPD, and Catwoman’s “false” allegations are expected to be dismissed shortly.

Catwoman and her longtime boyfriend broke up after another physical assault on Wednesday that ultimately led to her arrest after she also allegedly physically attacked Klein at her Trump World Tower apartment. Police charged Catwoman with second-degree assault, as well as third-degree assault after Klein accused her of clawing his face and cutting him with a pair of scissors, as also previously reported by People Magazine. Catwoman’s assault on Klein took place early on Wednesday and left him with scratches on his face and a cut on his upper-right chest. A spokesman for NYPD said that Klein suffered bleeding, several red marks, and substantial pain, but refused medical treatment.

Klein is now awaiting arraignment after Catwoman was arraigned on Wednesday and released, but only after the eccentric Catwoman caused a stir in the courtroom by using her cell phone as a mirror. Page Six called Klein’s arrest on Sunday the second round of Catwoman’s “ongoing catfight” with the French fashion designer. The Daily Mail reports that a video actually surfaced online of Catwoman hitting Klein with a metal tray three times while screaming “shut up” in a native French accent. The date of the violent video clip is not known, but friends of the couple allegedly say that Catwoman has a temper almost as “notorious as her love of plastic surgery.”

Jocelyn Wildenstein has had extensive plastic surgery throughout the years to achieve a “catlike look,” according to her previous husband, Alec N. Wildenstein. Page Six reports that Jocelyn actually spent the millions of dollars on cosmetic surgery to please Alec, who allegedly loved cats, but ended up cheating on Catwoman in their New York home after a lengthy 20-year marriage. The surgeries created a “very unnatural appearance,” according to a report on Make Me Heal back in 2010. However, according to one Miami plastic surgeon, Catwoman has since tried to improve on her catlike appearance by having several corrective procedures. Starcasm also started reporting on Catwoman’s alleged corrective surgeries in 2009, along with several before and after photos, including one photo of what Catwoman looked like before her “plastic surgery journey.”

[Featured Image by Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images]