December 12, 2016
WWE Rumors: Is Roman Reigns The WWE's 2016 Superstar Of The Year?

As 2016 comes to a close, entertainment companies are starting to do retrospectives on their year, and the WWE is no different. The latest WWE rumors suggest that the company is close to nominating its 2016 Superstar of the Year, and it looks like Roman Reigns may be the top contender!

That's the word from the Auburn Citizen, whose latest round of WWE rumors suggests that The Big Dog is not without his competition for the title. In fact, the outlet suggests that the title should go to The Phenomenal One, AJ Styles, for enjoying a bit of a comeback this year.

"During the Ambrose feud, Styles has also turned in some of his best promo work ever with his jockish bullying of James Ellsworth, an even unlikelier success story this year. But that may be the only category where someone topped Styles in WWE in 2016. Nothing but a "what if?" prospect at the beginning of the year, Styles in WWE has proven better than any wrestling fan could have imagined. His talents in the ring and out have taken him to the top of the top, and in 2016, no one deserved it more."
Meanwhile, the latest WWE rumors report from suggests that Reigns will be in the news for a long time after this because of his purported Wrestlemania 33 opponent: Braun Strowman.

While not the opponent everyone expected The Big Dog to face off against, Strowman is still a formidable opponent for Reigns. Once known simply as the "black sheep" of the Wyatt family, Strowman has come into his own since both the brand split and the split from the Wyatt family. Strowman is next set to face off against The Big Show, and after he roundly and soundly defeats him, he'll be prepared to face off against Reigns.

And while the outlet believes that this will be a big coup for Strowman, they also believe that Reigns will enter the Wrestlemania 33 ring wearing two belts: the Universal Championship belt (which, they predict, he will snatch from Kevin Owens) and the US Championship belt (which Reigns is currently wearing around his waist -- or, more accurately, around his back).

But not everyone believes that Reigns will be entering the Wrestlemania 33 ring with two belts. In fact, there are several reports that suggest the opposite.

According to the latest WWE rumors from Forbes, Kevin Owens is predicted to hold on to his Universal Championship title -- the top title in the Raw brand -- when Roadblock concludes. In fact, they feel that the Owens-Reigns feud -- and all its ancillary drama featuring Seth Rollins and Chris Jericho is played out, and Forbes hopes that the company retires the feud after Roadblock is over.

Forbes also goes on to say that the Raw brand is guilty of repeating feuds, in general, for far too long (such as in the case of the feud between Sasha Banks and Charlotte), and that this repetition is killing the brand. Also, the fans are starting to express their displeasure with the repetition, which is why the WWE Network subscriber count is lower than it has ever been, and there's even talk of the company cutting down on the number of their yearly Pay-Per-View events to make up for the shortfalls.

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