December 12, 2016
Bill Cosby 'Faking Blindness,' Expert Claims It's Bad Acting

Is Bill Cosby faking being blind in a desperate bid to beat his sex rap? The shamed comedian may be trying to fool the world again because a body language expert claimed that his "I can't see" routine is all "bad acting."

Radar Online commissioned a renowned body language expert to analyze the behavior of the 79-year-old who seems desperate to escape prison charges.

bill cosby faking blind
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Dr. Lillian Glass, a nationally recognized forensic expert, claims that the perverted comedian does several things wrong that hint towards bad acting, not blindness.

"Bill Cosby may say he's blind. However, his body language says he's not a very good actor.

"He's doing several things wrong that make you question whether he truly is totally blind and too impaired to function."

Bill Cosby has tried to use every excuse in the legal handbook to prevent him from having to go to prison, including that he is severely blind. The shamed comedian is assumably trying to get a Pennsylvania judge to dismiss the felony sexual assault charges that could put him behind bars for up to 10 years.

Bill Cosby supposedly suffers from Keratoconus, a degenerative eye condition that causes thinning of the cornea, which results in bulging eyes, blurry vision, and nearsightedness.

As Cosby walked in and out of his court appearances for being accused of drugging and sexually assaulting about 60 women, he tended to look towards the ground.

"Blind people don't see where they are going, so they just look straight ahead."
Dr. Glass also examined photographs from Radar of Bill Cosby walking around with the assistance of an aide to guide him back in September.
"A blind person never walks behind the sighted person because he could trip. They usually walk side by side."
bill cosby faking blind
[Image by Michael Bryant- Pool/Getty Images]

The body language expert also said that losing your vision often causes people to have difficulties walking, which was not apparent in Cosby's steady gait.

"People that are blind or suddenly lose vision feel very insecure about their walking pattern."
Bill Cosby was also seen at court appearances making direct eye contact with those who were speaking to.
"His line of vision is directly at the person he's speaking to — which may indicate that he may indeed have vision."



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Outside of court in May, Bill Cosby lowered his head to grab a towel from his aide, which Dr. Glass says is also pretty suspicious.

"His line of vision is directly at the person he's speaking to — which may indicate that he may indeed have vision."
Famed celebrity divorce lawyer, Murray Richman, said that Bill Cosby's "fib" could not be used to find him guilty, but it could totally ruin his credibility with the judge and the jury.
"If it becomes known to the court that he is not blind, it will show 'consciousness of guilt.'

"That's not a proof positive that he's guilty of a crime, but that he's more than likely involved in it."

Bill Cosby is registered in the state of Massachusetts as legally blind.
"Bill, his wife, Camille, and his family are adamant that he won't be able to convince a jury to let him off.

"They're hoping the district attorney will consider Bill's age, medical condition, ruined career, and the fact that he's paid millions to the victim in the case, and feel that a plea deal is a 'win.'"

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