December 12, 2016
Kristen Doute Of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Plans To Write A Book About Stalking

Kristen Doute is known for her mad sleuthing skills, and now she plans to share her knowledge on the subject with her fans. Doute, who has appeared on five seasons of the hit Bravo reality show Vanderpump Rules, told New York magazine's The Cut that she is writing a book about how to catch a cheater.

Kristen Doute has been in relationships with two of her Vanderpump Rules co-stars, Tom Sandoval and James Kennedy, and viewers saw that both relationships ended badly. Vanderpump Rules fans may recall that Kristen stalked Sandoval and his current girlfriend, Ariana Madix, on social media and even unearthed a woman from Miami whom Sandoval allegedly cheated on Ariana with and flew her to California to confront him. Kristen also searched through James Kennedy's Uber receipts to prove that he was cheating.

But now Kristen is in a much healthier relationship with a new boyfriend, Brian Carter, whom she met on Bumble. Doute says there are no trust issues in her new relationship, but that doesn't mean she doesn't still have a passion for stalking.

"I love a good stalking session, I love to investigate," Doute told The Cut. "It's like my favorite thing, especially on social media, and I have a faithful boyfriend who does not fill that void."

Kristen says she plans to write an easy-to-read guide to internet sleuthing, which she hopes to publish next year. Ahead of her book, Kristen revealed that her top stalking tip is to get your boyfriend or girlfriend's iTunes password, an important piece of information that she describes as a "golden ticket" when it comes to sleuthing because it allows you to track where they're at all times."

"I mean, the iTunes password is also — if you have an iPhone — it's the 'find my phone' password, and it's the iCloud password," Doute explained.

Kristen Doute previously told Women's Health that one of her Vanderpump Rules co-stars once told her that her knack for sleuthing is a "talent."

"On the show, one of the guys said that for me to date someone who isn't cheating on me is a waste of my talent because I can't stalk them," Kristen revealed.

Now that she's in a more "mature, adult relationship" with Carter, Kristen revealed that she never has to snoop through his cell phone, and she sometimes even forgets the password to his phone.

While Kristen Doute has come a long way since her early days on Vanderpump Rules, the reality star admits some people on social media still think of her as Sandoval's crazy ex-girlfriend.

"People still get stuck in 2012," Kristen told AOL Entertainment last month.

"They're still stuck in 'Crazy Kristen' and 'Why are you trying to stalk Tom Sandoval and trying to break up Ariana and Tom?' It's like, that was four years ago! I still get a lot of that on social media, but in person, people say positive things. People don't know my boyfriend, Carter, yet, but people are seeing from social media that I'm happier [with him]. There's been a change."

While Kristen Doute plans to lay out all of her best tips and tricks when it comes to stalking untrustworthy partners, she draws the line at what her readers should so with the information once they get it.

"I'm not a therapist," Doute told The Cut. "It's up to you what to do if you find out that he did it."

Take a look at the video below to see Bravo host Andy Cohen quizzing Kristen Doute in the game "Is Kristen Still Crazy?"

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