October 17, 2017
After Louis Tomlinson's Mother Dies, One Direction Fans Beg Harry Styles To Attend Funeral And Warn 'Larries' To Back Off

Louis Tomlinson is getting loads of support from One Direction fans in the wake of his mother's death, but a fringe group of Directioners is getting the side-eye from the boy band's more mainstream fans.

One Direction fans were shocked when the news broke that Louis Tomlinson's mother, 42-year-old Johannah Deakin, had passed away. As E! News reports, Deakin had been battling leukemia. Directioners joined Louis in mourning the mother of seven, but some One Direction fans soon began looking for a silver lining in her passing — they hoped that the death of Tomlinson's mother might be the catalyst that would bring their beloved band back together.

As Hollywood Life reports, fans got their wish. Just three days after his mom's passing, Louis Tomlinson appeared on The X Factor UK to perform his first single as a solo artist, "Just Hold On." He was joined onstage by collaborator Steve Aoki, and he had three very special supporters cheering him on from backstage: Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne. Harry was the only member of the band who didn't use social media to offer his condolences to Louis, so fans were likely relieved to see this show of support. The boys reportedly joined Louis and his sister Lottie at London's Cirque Le Soir club after Louis' performance.

British field hockey star Sam Quek acquired photographic evidence that Harry Styles was present backstage during Louis' performance on The X Factor UK. Metro reports that One Direction fans accused Quek of being "insensitive" for asking Harry to take a photo with her while he was grieving for someone he cared deeply about.

Quek wasn't the only one who upset One Direction fans in the wake of Johannah Deakin's passing. Many Directioners are also angry with the "Larries" — a subgroup of fans who want Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson to be gay lovers — for possibly keeping Harry away from Johannah Deakin's funeral. As Unreality TV reports, some fans are using Twitter to beg Harry to attend the memorial.

"Harry, please go to Johannah's funeral," @monicavens tweeted.

"There's zero doubt in my mind that Harry & his mum will be at Jay's funeral. The Tomlinson & Styles families have always been close," optimistic One Direction fan @RideOfSongs wrote.

Others are lashing out at the Larries and warning them to be respectful.


"If any of the boys came to the funeral, especially Harry, please don't make it a Larry thing. Respect them," @Kameliaazdn wrote.

"No, Harry going to his friends mother funeral does not confirm Larry. Leave Louis and his family alone from drama, support them & send love," @harrystilesSPN commented.

Larries are even begging other Larries to let Louis Tomlinson grieve without having to worry about the fandom flooding his timeline with "Larry is real!" tweets.

"Okay, I'm not saying I don't ship Larry, because I 100% do. But, guys if Harry is at the funeral, PLEASE, do NOT start anything about Larry.Xx," wrote @Sarah_Irwin96.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Louis Tomlinson once called the Larries' conspiracy theory that he and Harry Styles are secretly gay "the biggest load of bulls**t." He also told fans to stop spreading rumors about his sexuality because they were having a negative effect on his friendship with Harry, but the Larries didn't listen. As BuzzFeed reports, some of them took their Larry obsession to the extreme earlier this year when they claimed that Louis Tomlinson's baby son, Freddie, wasn't real.

Some Larries still haven't given up hope that their favorite imaginary couple is the real deal. They celebrated after Louis Tomlinson wore a rainbow shirt during his performance on The X Factor UK, and one fan referred to Harry as Louis' "boyfriend" in a tweet about Johannah Deakin's funeral.

"@Harry_Styles you better f**king go to that f**king funeral and be with your f**king boyfriend DO YOU HEAR ME BOI," @RavenTommyClaw wrote.

Do you think Louis Tomlinson would be happy if Harry Styles attended the funeral, or would he worry about how the Larries would react? Share your thoughts below.

[Featured Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]