‘This Is Us’ Spoilers: Justin Hartley Teases Kevin, Olivia, Sloane Love Triangle, Toby’s Fate Revealed In Episode 11

This Is Us star Justin Hartley hinted that there could be a love triangle among Kevin, Olivia (Janet Montgomery), and Sloane (Milana Vayntrub) when the hit NBC series returns January 10, 2017. Fans also wouldn’t have to wait long to find out what happens to Toby (Chris Sullivan) after he collapsed in the Pearson living room in the fall finale.

Speaking to TV Guide, Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin on This Is Us, shared that things are going to get more complicated for Kevin and Sloane in the coming episodes. Given that they are working together, and now even putting up the play themselves, arguments are inevitable. Although Sloane previously insisted that they are not in a relationship, Harley seemed to think that there could be something more between the two.

“It gets a little bit complicated, as does any relationship that you have with somewhere where you’re sleeping with each other but also working together. They’re doing this play and they’re working together all day, while they’re trying to have this relationship. There might be other players involved too. Things get complicated pretty quickly.”


Refinery29 wondered if the “other players” Hartley was talking about could be Olivia. Although Janet Montgomery’s character went MIA, there is always the possibility that she could return to shake things up between Kevin and Sloane. The site predicted two scenarios: 1) An upset Olivia makes her return after finding out about Kevin and Sloane’s relationship, or 2) Olivia realizes her mistake and ask for another chance with Kevin only to find out that Sloane has already taken her place.

Justin Hartley told TV Guide that Kevin, whether he’s aware of it or not, is ultimately searching for love. He pointed out that his character is trying to fill the void in his life by trying to find success at work but what he’s really longing for is someone to share his life with.

“I think he’s looking for love and companionship and someone to share life experiences with. I’m just not sure that he’s aware of that yet. He knows there’s something missing, he just doesn’t understand that it’s companionship,” he said.

Hartley, however, pointed out that Kevin has grown up quite a bit in a span of 10 episodes. Instead of repeatedly feeling sorry for himself, Kevin has started to take charge of his life. Hartley also said that Kevin’s turned into quite the problem solver, rather than complain about the play being canceled, he decided to become a man of action and decide to produce the play on his own.

Hartley said that he couldn’t wait for This Is Us fans to see how the play goes, how successful or unsuccessful it ends up being. Aside from his career and relationship Sloane, Hartley also hoped that more episodes would be dedicated to the evolution of his relationship with Randall (Sterling K. Brown).

This Is Us fall finale ended on a major cliffhanger, with Toby (Chris Sullivan) lying unconscious in an operating room after he unexpectedly collapsed in Randall’s living room. But Hartley promised fans that they would get to see what happens to Toby right away.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Chris Sullivan said that if something were to happen to Toby, his character could still be definitely part of This Is Us, thanks to the various time periods.

This could be a perfect opportunity for a real Touched by an Angel shift in the show. Toby passes and comes back as an angel to watch over the entire family, and he’d have scenes with everybody. And then Randall won’t have to do mushrooms in order to [see his dad, Jack].”

This Is Us returns with Episode 11, “The Right Thing To Do” on January 10, 2017.

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