Reporter Keeps It Together After Hit By Stray Ball At World Series [Video]

To film on location, a sideline reporter needs a good backdrop, and the warm ups before an event often make for good footage. But when live sports are happening, even at half speed, it can be risky, as Sportsnet East reporter Ian Mendes found out prior to game two of the World Series.

Mendes, MSN reports, was about to report a live on location shot when a stray ball appears to strike him hard somewhere in the back. Sportsnet East reports his was hit on the foot. Like any other mortal, Mendes is clearly in pain after the foul ball drills him, but then something impressive happens. With only seconds to recover between getting hit and going on the air live, Mendes shakes it off, composes himself, and begins reporting as though he wasn’t writhing in pain moments before.

In the video, Mendes is seen waiting patiently for his cue when a foul ball comes from the left of the screen, hitting him. Mendes lets out an initial shout and jumps around a bit. Then, after some contorting and grimacing, he starts in about Brian Wilson like a pro. Somewhat amusingly, a photographer walks behind Mendes during his ordeal, offering just the slightest smirk after he gets hit. But for a few feet difference, this story could have been about a photographer getting beaned by a baseball instead of the sideline reporter Mendes.

When a baseball player gets hit with a pitch, there’s a bit of an unwritten rule that they should get up and take their base without undue limping or rubbing. Mendes’ bio on Sportsnet East doesn’t mention a previous athletic career, but he’s probably earned the respect of of the ball players he covers after taking that hit like a champ.

Check out the video below.

What did you think of the sideline reporter’s reaction after being hit with a foul ball?