December 11, 2016
Huge Fight At George Bailey Detention Facility Sends Three Inmates To Hospital

It has been reported by NBC San Diego that a huge fight broke out at George Bailey Detention Facility that sent three inmates to the hospital.

At approximately 1:10 p.m. on Sunday, around 20 inmates began to fight after one inmate allegedly attacked another in the dayroom. After the fight broke out among many inmates, supervisors and multiple deputies intervened.

Initially, they were able to stop the fight, but then it revamped as soon as the deputies were entering the module. The deputies were able to eventually end the fights, but three inmates were injured and required attention at a local hospital.

The extent of their injuries were not revealed. It has not been revealed whether the deputies or any of the supervisors sustained any injuries.

Just a couple of weeks ago, three inmates were stabbed during a prison fight at the Utah State Prison. Desert News reports that four maximum security inmates were involved with a fight. One inmate used a homemade weapon to stab the other inmates, Department of Corrections spokeswoman Maria Peterson told reporters.

"Correctional employees responded immediately to stop the fighting and secured the unit. A prison physician was on site at the time and provided medical aid to the injured inmates."
A huge brawl occurred at the Utah State Prison, causing injuries to inmates.
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One was in serious condition and was taken by medical helicopter to an unknown hospital for treatment, while two others were taken by ambulance to a local hospital.

Peterson revealed that the two inmates returned back to the prison later on that day and were in satisfactory condition.

The third inmate was in critical, but stable condition after he had to undergo surgery. The police are investigating the fight, and the prison was on lockdown following the fight.

An additional fight was reported a couple of weeks ago at a Nevada prison camp, Carlin Conservation Camp, Las Vegas Sun reveals. The fight involved upward of 40 inmates, and at least two were injured that required hospitalization.

The fight was said to start around 9:15 p.m. on November 28. State Corrections Department spokeswoman Brooke Keast revealed that guards did no use gunshots, but were forced to use pepper spray to alleviate the brawl.

Police officers, Nevada Highway Patrol Troopers, and sheriff deputies were all called to help control the massive fight.

Jim Pitts, the Elko County Sheriff, said that he could not recall ever having a similar situation like this at this facility. Further, he revealed that the camp is for non-violent criminals, who have demonstrated good behavior.

By the time the officers arrived, the fighting stopped, but handmade possible weapons were located, such as towel bars and broken broom handles.

No prison guards or officers were injured during the brawl. Two inmates, Sergio Potoyan and Oscar Barreras, were transferred to a local hospital to be treated for their injuries. It was reported that one had a head injury. The other inmate had a mouth injury, and was also reported to have a blood-alcohol level of twice the legal limit for driving.

After release from the hospital, both inmates were sent to the medium-security Lovelock Correctional Center. Both were in custody for non-violent crimes. Potoyan was sentenced to a maximum of 40 months for unlawful possession of an electronic scanning device, while Berreras was serving a maximum sentence of five years for auto theft.

State corrections chief James Dzurenda said that it is a privilege for inmates to stay at a conservation camp. Rather than living in cells, they stay in dormitory-style housing. They have the ability to take part in seasonal jobs, such as snow removal, abating weeds, and fighting wildfires.

Inmates at Carlin Conservation Camp are privileged by having the opportunity to do season jobs and training, such as fighting wildfires.
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Approximately 20 additional inmates, who were involved in the fight, will be moved to a more secure facility.

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