Trump Kids’ Thick Skin Wearing Thin? Spouse Of One Struggles To Cope As Fierce Haters Harass Family Relentlessly

Are the Trump kids’ thick skin wearing thin? Donald Trump’s grown children face angry New York City citizens on a daily basis who relentlessly protest the election of their father as the nation’s next president. Donald, Jr., Eric, and Ivanka Trump endure the kind of vitriol that would make most crumble. Everywhere they go, they’re forced to contend with bitter people who yell obscenities at them and say terrible things about their father.

While the Trump kids have by now grown accustomed to being exposed to it all when it comes to the ugly side of politics, they’re in an even brighter spotlight…in it for the long haul along with their father. The criticism hasn’t let up — and even one of their spouses is reportedly struggling to cope with the colossal status they’ve found themselves in.

78.5 percent of the voters in NYC voted for Hillary Clinton, so the Trump family is smack in the middle of liberal territory. Friends of the Trump kids spoke with the New York Post about how all of them are dealing with the sea of haters in New York City. Though Donald Trump’s children are good at turning off the chants of “Love Trumps Hate,” there are biting moments.

Trump Kids Dealing With Harassment
Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump with their spouses, who are also dealing with haters [Image by Win McNamee/Getty Images].

Take for instance, Eric Trump and his wife, Lara, who had eight teenagers heckling them outside a restaurant yelling, “Eric, f- -k your father!” and, “Love Trumps Hate!” According to the report, Eric was “visibly irritated.”

Donald Jr.’s wife, Vanessa, isn’t handling all of this well, says a close family friend.

“It’s not wonderful when you’re being trolled on Twitter, with people saying really bad things and you have five kids. It’s horrible,” the friend shared.

Recently there were 150 protesters who targeted Ivanka Trump at the Puck Building, which is owned by her husband, Jared Kushner. Neither one of them live at the building, but it didn’t stop protesters from yelling that Ivanka’s “daddy is scary as hell” and that she should “tell Daddy no.”

Ironically, two artists that Ivanka admires were part of the march. One of them was painter Nate Lowman, and some of his work is purportedly in Ivanka’s personal art collection; the other was Marilyn Minter, an artist Ivanka follows on Instagram. Additionally, a friend of Ivanka’s — socialite filmmaker, Arden Wohl — was also in attendance.

“This is a plea to Ivanka to talk some sense because she’s in this transition committee for her father, and hopefully she can be his voice of reason,” Wohl told New York magazine. “She’s the smartest of the children.”

Sources tell The Post that all three of the Trump kids are strong in spite of the hatred they’re surrounded by.

As one New York media executive who’s worked with Ivanka said, all three of the grown kids “have the thickest skin I’ve ever seen.”

“During the campaign, I went to Ivanka’s office to review a Web site, and the top story on the site was a really negative piece about her father accompanied by an unflattering photograph [of him],” he said. “She just laughed and moved the conversation forward.”

Trump Kids Deal With Harassment
Ivanka Trump [Image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images].

An old classmate of one of Trump’s sons said Donald Jr. and Eric just ignore the hateful posts they see on Facebook.

The Trump kids aren’t letting the commotion that comes with their father becoming President of the United States stop them from living life as normal in New York. They were born and raised in Manhattan and can’t envision living anywhere else. Ivanka and her husband will be moving to Washington, D.C. with their children when her father is working as president, but they aren’t leaving for good.

Trump’s manager, Kellyanne Conway, adds that the three grown kids will remain in the city.

“They’re living their lives as they always have,” she said. “They’re classic New Yorkers. They love the city, they soak it in — the culture, the cuisine, the friendships.”

For the record, the Trump kids are tough and not letting the haters get to them.

[Featured Image by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images]