Marquette King Tweets After Rumored Affair With Kim Kardashian — Is The Raiders Punter Admitting To An Affair With Kanye West’s Wife Or Does He Just Like The Attention?

Marquette King has been outed recently as the possible reason for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s marital troubles. It has been rumored that Kim has been cheating on Kanye with Marquette and the stress of her stepping out along with the Paris robbery have pushed Kanye over the edge. To make matters worse, Marquette seems to be playing into these rumors with a recent tweet he made about the situation, making many wonder if King is really getting it on with Kanye’s wife.

King spoke out on Twitter after the Kim Kardashian rumor mill started spinning. While he didn’t admit that he’s been messing around with Kim K, he certainly didn’t deny it either. Marquette seems to be loving the attention now that he’s been romantically connected with a Kardashian.

On Saturday, after rumors broke that the Oakland Raiders punter was sneaking around with Kanye West’s wife, Marquette took to Twitter and posted a meme of an animated version of himself (or we assume it’s supposed to be him) drawing a red heart. The photo was captioned, “#Rumors” and nothing else.

It is true that so far, the alleged affair between Marquette King and Kim Kardashian is just a rumor. Terez Owens was first to post about a supposed fling between the two but offered no proof to back it up. Now the internet is on fire with speculation about Kim cheating on Kanye but it would be much more substantial if pictures would surface or something.

As soon as Marquette posted the picture, speculation about a possible Kim Kardashian romance started to swirl and now the rumors have caught on like wildfire. Is Kim really cheating on Kanye with Marquette?

Hollywood Life says the Kim Kardashian cheating rumors are not true. They claim to have a source who says Kim is all in with her husband Kanye. Ever since his on-stage meltdown and the hospitalization he endured after, they say that Kimye is stronger than ever and the divorce rumors that won’t go away just aren’t true.

The basis for their disbelief is Kim’s busy schedule and the fact that she doesn’t have time for Marquette King. Their source claims that Kim barely has time to have sex with Kanye so there’s no way she can make time for someone else.

Raiders Punter Being Linked to Kim Kardashian

— Terez Owens (@TerezOwens) December 9, 2016

If the rumors aren’t true, it looks like Marquette King doesn’t mind them. He didn’t refute the reports that he was creeping around with the highest profile Kardashian. Instead, he put up a picture of himself making a heart and made sure to let people know he was tweeting about those pesky rumors.

King is not new to social media either and he had to know what an uproar his message would cause. He also recently made headlines for responding to a tweet about Travis Kelce teasing him about his prowess in the end zone. Marquette shot right back and let him know that he may be scoring on the football field but that he doesn’t need a dating show to get a girlfriend. Is that because he has a girlfriend and she just happens to be married to a controversial rapper?

Time will tell if the Kim Kardashian cheating rumors are true or not. As far as pinning Marquette King as the other man, there has been no source or evidence at this point to link the pair together. We know Kim likes football players but Marquette seems to have been pulled out of thin air as the man Kim has been hiding from Kanye.

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