Lil Wayne Compared To Donald Trump For ‘Unethical Amnesia’

Lil Wayne has been dealing with a difficult time in his personal life lately, and now he is also being compared to Donald Trump in an unflattering way.

According to Lil Wayne’s Twitter and Instagram, Donald Trump is the last thing on his mind. Instead, Lil Wayne recently posted on Twitter that he was mourning the loss of fellow skater and friend, Adam Z.

Lil Wayne also posted on Instagram that he had to cancel an upcoming gig in Dallas, Texas at the Bomb Factory that was set for January 6, 2017. Shortly after, Lil Wayne played the second-annual V103 WinterFest Concert in Chicago on December 10, according to CBS Local.

On top of this, Lil Wayne is still involved in negotiations with Birdman that are not going so well, according to an insider report from Louisiana Record from December 9. About the case, attorney David McBride with McBride & Russell Law Firm, LLC stated the following.

“Birdman’s issues are with the release of Lil Wayne’s album… ‘I would suspect it (the case) to be resolved within a year. With lawsuits ongoing, this is impacting Lil Wayne’s ability to write and make money.”

Lil Wayne is also being sued due to an incident where he was shot at by someone trying to kill him, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

As for being compared to Donald Trump, Lil Wayne is mentioned in a December 10 report from Daily Mail.

Lil Wayne
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The main argument is that Donald Trump “forgot” about a promise to help save jobs at the Carrier company. The reason cited for this is a “scientific reason” for Trump’s memory issues called “unethical amnesia.”

They go on to quote research published from Harvard and Northwestern that states “there is a mechanism in the human brain that helps people forget instances in which they have lied or cheated.”

They go on to explain this unethical amnesia by using Lil Wayne as an example. Specifically, they highlight the time Lil Wayne forgot about a weapons charge in 2012 when the incident only took place three years before.

Could unethical amnesia also explain why Lil Wayne stated in late 2016 that he did not know who Donald Trump was despite the fact that Lil Wayne mentioned Trump in some of his rap lyrics?

In 2015, CNN reports that Lil Wayne mentions Donald Trump in his song “Racks on Racks” where he raps “Get money like Donald Trump.”

Regardless, in October 2016, Paper Mag paraphrases Lil Wayne in an interview with the following.

“And, when asked if he had any words for Donald Trump, Lil Wayne simply laughed and showed that he has truly transcended the mortal world, saying, ‘Who’s that?'”

Nevertheless, if Donald Trump did try to get to know Lil Wayne, Tunechi would likely reject him because Trump insinuates that he does not like rap. A day before the elections on November 8, Hip Hop DX reported Donald Trump said at a rally in Sarasota, Florida, that in rap “the language is so bad” and then goes on to say “was it talking or singing?”

Birdman and Lil Wayne attend the 2013 BMI R&B/Hip-Hop Award at Hammerstein Ballroom on August 22, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for BMI)

Interestingly, when Donald Trump’s Twitter got hacked in 2012, Lil Wayne lyrics were tweeted, according to Hot Hip Hop Detroit.

Other news headlines where Trump and Lil Wayne were included pertain to Lil Wayne’s “no comment” statements about Black Lives Matter. According to BET, one Twitter user observed the enthusiasm of Trump supporters for Lil Wayne and stated, “Trump supporters think Lil Wayne is [their] beacon of hope or something and I’m highkey dying of laughter.”

In the end, Lil Wayne’s main focus is always music, and he is not letting grinch Birdman get the best of him about the delays related to Tha Carter V.

For example, Lil Wayne recently released a collaboration with Wale called “Running Back” that is a preview of Wale’s upcoming album Shine, according to Rhyme Hip Hop.

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