Russell Brand Savages Pamela Geller On His New Show, ‘Brand X’

When Pamela Geller made the decision to stand up for freedom in the face of Jihad, she knew she was going to be condemned by many of the politically correct appeasers in our nation. However, when she received a recent request from Russell Brand to appear on his new Brand X talk show, she accepted his promise to treat her with respect and stick to the issues. Sadly, this was not to be and Pamela was mercilessly savaged when she visited Russell’s program.

Brand’s booking agent, Charles Davis, reassured her by stating in his email, “We do try to get past mere snark and into some substance, as Russell does have a genuine interest in politics,” and against her better judgement, Ms. Geller flew to Los Angeles to appear on the show.

According to Ms. Geller, Mr. Brand was not true to his word. From the opening moments, she was treated to vulgarity and sexual innuendo and then peppered with a litany of inane questions that were deliberately intended to portray her as a violent racial fanatic.

The questions were the sort that are designed to indict the person who answers. Questions deliberately worded to make the subject sound absurd and trivial. Questions that have been asked so many times that an interviewer with any sense of pride wouldn’t even think about asking them. “Do you want war with Iran? Do you want all Muslims deported? Do you want a mosque built at Ground Zero?” These are questions you ask when you are only interested in provoking controversy or a negative reaction.

Here is Pamela’s description of the first minutes of the show:

“So I spent the last 18 hours flying in and out of LA, catching the one o’clock flight yesterday, and grabbed a cab directly to Bronson studio. After I changed in the green room, Brand’s producers excitedly came to get me, because Brand insisted on meeting me, and Brand was all over me like a cheap suit, so happy to meet me, and super cozy.”

“But then he showed his real agenda when the show began, and he described the format of his show as having someone really great on, as well as a segment featuring “racists” and “homophobes.” And while he didn’t introduce me with that libelous label, he said I was someone controversial — and that I have come to expect. Freedom lovers and truth tellers are controversial in this morally inverted universe.”

“But I didn’t expect, when I sat down in his faux-Letterman chair, that his first obscene and profane announcement was that I was a MILF. And he kept on, “You know what a MILF is — a mum I’d like to f#ck.” From there it went all downhill.”

As mentioned in Ms.Geller’s detailed article on her experience with Russell Brand, this was only a mild taste of what was to come. Two minutes into the segment, a man in the audience stood up with a large pre-printed sign that read “Pamela’s Racism” and started belligerently screaming “Pamela’s Racism Kills Children.”

Many people know Pamela Geller is the woman who started the successful movement to stop the building of the Ground Zero Mosque and as a result, she has been the recipient of literally hundreds of serious death threats. How did Russell Brand protect a guest on his show from a disruptive audience member. Was the man ejected from the theater and turned over to the police?

No! Russel Brand brought the man up on the stage and invited him to sit in his own seat at the desk. The audience member and Mr. Brand then began to tag team Ms.Geller, berating her for her ideas and refusing to allow her to speak in her own defense.

The only possible conclusion one can draw over such a reckless disregard for the safety of a guest is that the man was a plant and Russell Brand set Pamela Geller up in the vilest manner. Otherwise, any rational person would conclude that Mr. Brand has absolutely no common sense what so ever and he permitted a hostile person to be at arms length from a guest who has been repeatedly threatened with the most brutal murder imaginable.

We know Pamela Geller here at The Inquisitr. Recently, I conducted an in-depth interview with her and I found her to be a compassionate, fair and kind person. Yes, she is outspoken against Jihad, female genital mutilation, and Jew hate. Yes, she is a dedicated critic of terrorism and religious supremacy. Not because she hates Muslims, but because she loves freedom and believes in our Constitutional Republic. She expects that anyone who lives in a civilized world will treat all of their fellow human beings with kindness and respect and she is willing to stand against those who would enslave and dominate in the name of God; no matter which religion they happen to represent.

You may disagree with her if you wish, but instead of condemning someone out of hand, we should first study the issues for ourselves and seek the truth. Trying to intimidate and silence a person because they express unpopular ideas is the first step on the road to fascism.

In fairness to Russell Brand, we have emailed his booking agent and extended an invitation to be interviewed. We hope Russell will take us up on the offer. Ms. Geller has raised some serious issues and we are sure The Inquisitr’s millions of readers would like to hear whatever Mr. Brand has to say about his encounter with Pamela Geller. Mr. Brand, the floor is yours…