Justin Bieber Has Raised $1. 5 Million — And Counting — To Build Schools For Impoverished Children

Justin Bieber’s continual generosity to those in need, in particular kids, doesn’t get a lot of media attention.

Nevertheless, the superstar’s ongoing contribution of $1.5 million — and counting, to Pencils of Promise (PoP) is notable and deserves recognition.

Pencils of Promise is a non-profit organization which builds schools and provides educational programs to increase literacy rates in developing countries.

PoP is dedicated to helping impoverished children and the communities they live in. Currently, the school builds and educational programs are in Nicaragua and Guatemala in Central America, Laos in Southeast Asia, and Ghana, Africa.

So, how is Justin Bieber’s Purpose World Tour helping Pencils of Promise?

Bieber’s impressive $1.5 million donation to PoP was raised by taking $1 from every ticket sold on his ongoing Purpose World Tour.

In October, Databox Live reported Bieber’s tour had grossed $123.6 million and sold 1,307,939 tickets in 82 sold out shows.

Since then, the singer completed 116 shows on his global trek (pushing $1.3 million up to a $1.5 million pledge and counting). Numerous shows including stadium tours in Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S. have also been added. Dates in Dubai, South Africa, and Europe join that list. It’s likely more dates will be announced.

Rewind to May, Pencils of Promise named Justin as their first-ever global ambassador.

At the time, Natalie Ebel, who is director of marketing for PoP, explained the history of Bieber’s involvement with the organization to Teen Vogue.

“Justin has been a member of the PoP family since the early days,” Ebel told the magazine.

“Around the time that he was just a 13-year-old kid with a guitar on YouTube, he met our founder, Adam Braun (his older brother Scooter is Justin’s manager), who told him about the organization he had recently started,” Natalie said.

She continued, “Since then, Justin’s been a dedicated supporter, truly believing in our mission to provide education for all. Over the years, he’s donated millions of dollars to this organization, which funded dozens of schools and provided access to quality education for thousands of students.”

The director noted that as a result of the singer’s continued support through his Purpose Tour funding, PoP has already started building seven new schools in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Six more builds are planned.

Ebel also revealed Bieber donated $1 of his ticket sales from his “My World” and “Believe” tours to Pencils of Promise.

It’s estimated that Justin will perform for over 2.5 million people on his ever-expanding Purpose World Tour. Which means his already massive PoP donation is likely to far exceed $2.5 million when the trek wraps.

Back in October 2013, Justin and Scooter visited a then not-yet-built school in a poverty-stricken Guatemalan community.

Opening up about the effect of the trip, the Biebs shared a video about his experience titled “Guatemala Video Confession: Giving is the best.”

In what was evidently an emotive trip to the school-building site, Justin described it as “one of the most magical days” of his life,” because he could “make a difference” with his “own hands” for the impoverished villagers he met in Guatemala.

Videos showed Bieber physically helping to build the school and making a connection with a little local girl. At one point the singer removed his own shoes and gave them to a young boy.

Toward the end of the video, Justin urged his fans to “make a difference” in their lives.

Justin Bieber Helps Build School For Impoverished Kids In Guatemala
(Image by Nick Onken/Pencils Of Promise)

The Biebs’ funding of PoP, along with other fundraisers, is just one aspect of the 22-year-old’s long-standing philanthropic work.

In addition to sizeable donations to U.S. schools, gifting over $500,000 at an AmfAR auction in Cannes in 2014 in support of research into a cure for AIDS, and raising over $3 million for survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines back in 2013, Justin also meets children and teens through the Make-A-Wish Foundation before (or after) almost every show on his Purpose Tour.

Bieber has worked with the Foundation since 2009. In 2013, he set the record for carrying out more “wishes” than any other recording artist. Anyone in any doubt as to the difference Bieber makes to the lives of these special youngsters, click through the link here and below.

These examples represent just a fraction of the hundreds of Make-A-Wish meets undertaken by the superstar throughout his entire career.

[Featured Image by Nick Onken/Pencils Of Promise]