Three Seriously Injured, One Girl Killed, In Two-Vehicle Accident During Heavy Snowfall In Western PA

At least three people have been seriously injured, and one girl was killed in a two-vehicle accident during heavy snowfall in Western Pennsylvania on Friday, Explore Clarion reports.

Western Pennsylvania was covered in heavy snow on Friday evening, causing multiple accidents. According to police, a fatal crash occurred on Friday evening around 7 p.m. when a man driving a 2002 Dodge Neon lost control on the snow-covered roads and collided with a 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe.

Mark Anthony Andrus, 33, of Clarion, was driving a blue Neon west on 322 in the town of Roseville when he lost control of his car. As the Neon spun counterclockwise on the roadway, it traveled into the path of a silver Tahoe driven by Tina Carrier, 48, of Brookville, who was traveling eastbound.

It was reported that the Tahoe impacted the entire left passenger side of the Neon, then continued to push the Neon into a utility pole. The drivers side of the Neon impacted with the utility pole.

As emergency crews were dispatched to the scene, it was revealed that one 11-year-old girl in Andrus’ car was dead, and four others were trapped.

The driver of the Neon was taken to Penn Highlands Brookville Hospital with unknown injuries. A woman in the passenger side of the Neon, Heather Dawn Adams, of Clarion, was taken to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital with serious injuries.

Two children, an 8-year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy from Big Run, were rushed to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh with serious injuries.

An 11-year-old girl, a passenger in Andrus’ car, was pronounced dead at the scene by Jefferson County Coroner’s Office.

Tina Carrier was not injured during the accident.

A GoFundMe page has been started for the family to assist with funeral expenses for the little girl, as well as hospital and other associated expenses for the additional victims.

A girl dies in a two-vehicle accident in Western PA, also seriously injuring three others.
[Image by GoFundMe page]

The GoFundMe account revealed that the family was on their way to Clarion to go Christmas shopping when tragedy struck. Tianna Huber, Heather Adams’ oldest daughter, was killed instantly. Adam’s son, Bladen, remains in Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh in serious condition with swelling in the brain and is on a breathing tube. Although he has not awakened since the accident, he is responding to touch.

“When Bladen’s dad, Scott Huber, kisses him his heart rate goes up and when his stepmother, Tammi McCullough, touches him he stretches out a bit. He is responding to the nurses’ stimuli, as well; due to these responses, it is believed that his brain is responding.”

Doctors have estimated that Bladen could potentially spend at least three months in the hospital. Heather’s youngest daughter, Macey, fortunately did not receive much physical trauma and is expected to be released from the hospital within a few days. However, Macy will have a long road ahead of her, as she faces the trauma of losing her sister.

The family is asking for thoughts, prayers, and support during the tragic time. The investigation is ongoing.

Another fatal accident was reported in North Versailles, Pennsylvania, on Thursday. According to CBS Pittsburgh, a man was running from the police when his car struck the back of another car.

A toddler girl and her parents were all killed in the crash. David Bianco, Kaylie Meininger, and 2-year-old Annika died when Demetrius Coleman, 22, struck their car broadside. The family was on their way to dinner at an uncle’s house.

A family of three was killed in a car accident on Thursday in North Versailles, PA after a man running from the police collided with their vehicle.
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Coleman was running from the cops after he was pulled over for a traffic violation and realized the police knew he had a warrant out for his arrest for probation violation.

It was estimated that Coleman was traveling nearly 100 miles-per-hour when he smashed into Biano’s car, which then caused it to go up in flames.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for this family, as well.

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