MMA Movies In 2017 Include 20 Fight Scene Films And One TV Show

2017 is going to be an exciting year for action movies that feature MMA fight scenes, and there are 20 that have potential. Also, there is also an MMA-packed action television show that is getting a reboot.

Movie Web and Internet Movie Database (IMDb) provide useful information about movies that will be released in 2017, but it can be difficult to find information about how much MMA action these movies will bring.

For example, the new Power Rangers movie is coming out on March 24, 2017, and it will likely feature some hand-to-hand combat by MMA stunt crews. However, there are a few action genre movies that might be overlooked without being pointed toward the right MMA keywords.

For instance, the movie Logan will be released on March 3, 2017, and it might get overlooked because the current promo picture for the film depicts someone carrying a small person or child. However, the fact that Hugh Jackman stars in the film is an indicator that this former MMA pro is likely to get in a few exciting hand-to-hand combat exchanges at some point in the movie.

The synopsis online about Logan explains that “story details are under wraps. This will be the third solo outing for the popular mutant. It will be the eighth time Hugh Jackman has portrayed the character in a feature film.”

Other MMA movies that will be released in 2017 can be anticipated as having fight scenes because they are part of a series that sets this precedent. For example, in the earlier part of 2017, potential MMA movies include Resident Evil: Vendetta (March) and this film will be a chapter of the story between Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil 7.

Vin Diesel will be starring in a potential MMA-packed movie called X. [Image by Kimberly White/Stringer/Getty Images]

Milla Jovovich of Fifth Element action movie fame will be in a major role for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and it will be released before Resident Evil: Vendetta on January 27, 2017. Currently, it is not known when Resident Evil: Vendetta is being released, and it is likely to be a date in late 2017.

Another confusing movie series will be related to the original Zorro movies. Zorro Reborn has several references online that it will be released around September 22, 2017, but verifiable data cannot be found.

On the other hand, another movie called Z will also be based on Zorro and released at an unspecified time in 2017. It will star Gael Garcia Bernal, and in IMDb, Z is also referred to as Zorro 2110.

Other movie series coming up in 2017 that are highly likely to include MMA fight scenes or stunts are XXX: The Return of Xander Cage with Vin Diesel (January 20), The Legend of Conan (February 15), and Alien: Covenant (May 19). Around mid-summer and early fall, Spider-Man: Homecoming and The LEGO Ninjago Movie are potential MMA-based movies that will be released.

Although many movies are obviously going to repeat MMA fight scenes that they have had in each of the films in a series, others may be unexpected fight flicks. A good example is Kingsman: The Golden Circle and this film is a sequel to Kingsman: The Secret Service.

The first movie in the Kingsman series was highlighted in 2015 in Black Belt Magazine, and they noted this film was a step above the rest because of stunt man Brad Allan.

About his role in the first Kingsman movie, Colin Firth stated of the fight scenes that MMA pros behind-the-scenes were “a six-time world-championship Thai boxer, an Olympic gold-medalist gymnast, and someone from the special forces to do the gun training.”

Gael Garcia Bernal will be in the Zorro reboot in 2017 with potential MMA scenes
Gael Garcia Bernal will be Zorro in a 2017 film that likely has MMA stunts. [Image by Mike Windle/Getty Images]

Later in the year, there will be other movies released that possibly have MMA scenes, but their release dates could change in the near future. For example, Justice League is currently being projected to release on November 17, 2017.

Other potential late 2017 MMA-related films are Thor: Ragnarok, The Solutrean, and ending the year on December 15, 2017, will be Star Wars: Episode VIII.

Other movies likely to contain MMA fight scenes that will be released at a non-specific date in 2017 are Kickboxer Retaliation, Shanghai Dawn, Need for Speed 2, Mad Max: The Wasteland, and Die Hard Year One.

For newcomers to MMA training, American Assassin is a 2017 movie to watch. In the synopsis written by author Vince Flynn, they state American Assassin follows a CIA agent getting trained on lethal skills to target the world’s worst enemies.

One MMA smorgasbord that might get overlooked is Cinemax’s action-packed television show, Strike Back. After five seasons with the same cast, the 2017 cast of the Cinemax Strike Back reboot will be brand-new, according to TV Line.

[Feature Image by Frederick M. Brown/Stringer/Getty Images]