The Kylie Shop Opens Successfully, But Shoppers Do Not Find The Shipping Fees Thrilling

The Kylie Shop is finally open and like its Kylie Lip Kit sister, the Jenner member’s newest project broke serious buying records. Due to the hype that surrounded Kylie Jenner’s latest project, the actress even introduced a shopping restriction to accommodate as many shoppers as possible.

On her website, the fashion mogul said that buyers can only purchase five items at once. Prior to opening The Kylie Shop, the 19-year-old had been teasing fans on Instagram with photos of her exclusive items including iPhone cases, accessories, and bomber jackets. Almost everything from the website sold out in less than 24 hours since the website opened.

While the shopping ban might appear burdensome, Kylie maintains that she wants to make many shoppers happy by giving them more chances to score her merchandise. As opposed to the previous launches of the Kylie Cosmetics, The Kylie Shop opened for business on the weekend. She also paired the launch with the opening of a Kylie Cosmetics Pop-Up Shop at the Topanga Mall in Los Angeles.

The cheapest items are the iPhone cases priced at around $15 while the bomber jackets are the priciest ones at $200. Those who want to plan their year ahead may also purchase calendars with Kylie’s face on them.

However, even if many items from The Kylie Shop are easy on the pocket, some have asked about the high shipping costs. The website asks for $9.95 for items to be shipped anywhere in the United States. International shipping, on the other hand, costs $20. This means that purchasing one of Kylie’s quirky tees will cost shoppers a total of $45 including the shipping fee.

Many noticed that The Kylie Shop’s shipping rates are higher than the published costs at Kylie Cosmetics. For the beauty products, the domestic shipping fee is $8.95, while $14.95 for international.

Kylie arrived at the opening of her pop-up shop and shared a glimpse of the chaotic scene on her Snapchat account. According to fans, queues for her shop started to form on Thursday evening. Fans stayed overnight for they wanted to get their hands first on the items.

The shop was reportedly decorated with a sparkling white Christmas tree that has Kylie lip kit-themed holiday gifts underneath. Many of the fans also channeled their inner Kylie by wearing outfits reminiscent of the reality star’s previous fashion choices.

Kylie claims that she built the empire for the people who continue to stand by her. Throughout the years, she endured criticisms targeting her appearance and talent. Scream Queens star Keke Palmer recently called out the people who kept on “bullying” Kylie because of their skewed standards of beauty.

Despite all the vile comments being thrown at Kylie, she managed to become one of the savviest members of the family by launching various passion projects. In a previous interview with Adweek, Kylie acknowledged that being a “young socialite on the Internet” made her prone to being bullied. Nonetheless, instead of dwelling on hatred, she would rather embrace positivity.

“Honestly, I feel like at this point I’ve gotten so numb to it. I still do my thing and people still love me and my lip kits are still selling out and 10,000 people still come to my appearances, so I don’t think it’s about the negative comments, it’s about turning it around and being able to come out on top. I feel like the more people who love you, there’s going to be more people who hate you. It doesn’t really affect me.”

Her 2016 earnings speak a lot about her fans’ support for her items. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kylie “earned $18 million making more than than mom Kris ($11.5 million) and sisters Kendall ($17 million), Khloe ($15 million) and Kourtney ($10 million).”

Kylie’s pop-up shop is open until December 23.

[Featured Image by Diane Bondareff/AP Images]