‘Insecure’ HBO Season 2 Casting Contest Launched With #InsecureOnSetContest Hashtag [Video]

The HBO show Insecure has set black Twitter on fire Sunday nights at 10:30 p.m. The first season of Insecure consists of eight episodes, according to HBO. Each of the episodes is titled with an “as f***” emotion or verb; HBO tapped into that theme by noting that Insecure is excited “as f***” for Season 2 of the show to begin filming. Issa Rae famously gained attention as a YouTube star known to her fans as the “Awkward Black Girl” who won legions of subscribers with her misadventures at work and in her love life.

Now that HBO has confirmed that Rae’s half-hour comedy will indeed be returning for a second season, they have placed the following Season 1 episode on their website for fans to get a sample — at least those who aren’t already in love with Insecure and Issa. They’ve also launched the “My Bathroom Mirror” contest, which taps into the creativity of Insecure fans to get a chance to gain entry into the entertainment industry. Insecure is looking for people who make videos with their best friends to join the contest that will bring the two friends to Los Angeles to work together.

Warning: The following Insecure episode contains language that might be offensive to some viewers.