Kim Kardashian Makes A Splash As Blonde Mermaid For Halloween

Kim Kardashian dressed up as a mermaid last night for Halloween. Specifically, the reality star dressed up as Madison, the blonde mermaid played by Daryl Hannah in the 1984 movie Splash.

The reality star wore a blonde wig for her costume but Kardashian said on Twitter that she’s thinking about dyeing her hair blonde in real life.

Kardashian said: “Kinda loving this blonde wig! Should I dye it for real?”

The NY Daily News reports that Kardashian hosted the Midori Green Halloween party last night in New York with her boyfriend Kanye West. Kardashian is a spokesperson for the brand and this is the second time she’s acted as the host of the party.

Kanye’s costume wasn’t as elaborate as Kardashian’s but the rapper did dress up for the Halloween party. Wearing a nautical striped shirt, a navy jacket, and rolled up khakis for his captain’s outfit.

Kim and Kanye posed for several pictures in their costumes last night and they posted several of them to Twitter and Instagram.

kanye west

What do you think of Kim Kardashian’s Halloween costume?

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Kim isn’t the only celebrity who dressed up this year for Halloween. Kris Jenner dressed up as a Super Woman and Heidi Klum will be dressing up as Cleopatra.

Did you dress up for Halloween?