Hurricane Sandy Flight Cancellations, Thousands Of Trips Canceled

Airlines customers traveling to or from New York City airports were inconvenienced on Sunday when more than 3,000 flights were cancelled because of Hurricane Sandy. The cancellations were most strongly felt all along the East Coast.

Flight tracking service FlightAware reports that 707 flights were cancelled on Sunday, 265 of which were announced at Newark Airport.

Airlines also cancelled 2,499 flights that were expected to depart and arrive in the area throughout Monday. Newark once again took the brunt of the cancellations with 774 Monday flights disbanded. Dulles in Washington was also hit with 428 cancellations while Philadelphia reported 355 cancellations.

Hurricane Sandy has already proven to be a deadly storm, landing in the Caribbean and killing at least five dozen people. Sandy is expected to meet a winter storm and a cold front. High ties in the area are also expected from a full moon.

Weather experts are warning that the storm could effect more than 800 miles of East Coast areas.

Some airlines have been in constant contact with customers in an attempt to warn them of flight cancellations. Discount carrier JetBlue for instance has been using Twitter to update users on cancellations and flight delays.

Here’s an example of a tweet sent out by JetBlue:

Customers requiring rental vehicles or other modes of transportation are being told to book quickly. In some cases even Amtrak routes are being closed for feature of severe weather conditions.