YouTube Prank Goes Too Far When Girlfriend Convinces Boyfriend She Has Been Murdered

A Youtube prank may have gone too far after a woman decided to trick her boyfriend into thinking she was murdered.

De'arra & Ken 4 Life are a popular YouTube duo that specialize in pranks, skits, and anything else that just seems funny to them.

A recent skit has quickly jumped to nearly ten million views after the female host of the web show, De'arra, chose to play an extreme joke on her boyfriend Ken. De'arra chose to mess up the house to give the impression that someone broke in and rummaged through their things. When Ken arrived home, he seemed to be a bit confused as to why the house was in disorder. As he walked through the house to find De'arra, he came upon her bloodied body on the bathroom floor.

As many YouTube pranks often do, the video titled 'Dead Girlfriend Prank' has been the focus of much debate. There are those that believe it was an amazing prank and are a little jealous they didn't think of it first. Others believe it simply went too far and should not have been attempted. Yet, there are those that believe Ken was in on the prank and showed too little emotion at finding his girlfriend's dead body on the floor.

Photo of Youtube prank where girlfriend pretends to be dead
[Image by De'arra & Ken 4 Life/Youtube]

Metro reported on the prank and shared that it might have gone too far, yet leans toward the side that it was set up.

Ken's reaction to finding his girlfriend lying dead on the floor was simply too laid back. Most people that found a girlfriend or a spouse in the same situation would be a blubbering mess as they attempt to find signs of life and rush to the phone to call the police. Yet, Ken was laid back and calm the entire time. However, with the history of pranking one another, the thoughts of a potential prank could have held back his true emotions as he thought it through and decided if it was real or fake.

The biggest sign that both De'arra and Ken were in on it is that Ken never called the police to report the issue.

Regardless, whether both were in on the prank, or if it was just De'arra, pranks of this kind go too far for many of the viewers. With so much news about suicide, murder, and self harm, some believe that this sort of prank is uncalled for and insensitive to those that have experienced real life issues that are similar in nature.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think in the comments below.

De'arra and Ken made headlines in the past for less extreme stunts, such as the time they were a focus on The Today Show for putting on 100 layers of clothing. However, that stunt was quite tame and uneventful in comparison to the 'Dead Girlfriend Prank'.

Although there were individuals upset about the nature of the prank, there were many fans that knew it wasn't real from the beginning and couldn't wait to see how it played out. Yet, there were others that referred to past episodes and how they might have led up to this prank. For example, a past webisode focused on an Ouija board and how it predicted De'arra's murder. Fan Stephanie Hough posted a comment on the YouTube page reminding the viewers of that episode.

"This was extreme because Y'all did the ouija board and it said that it is going to kill you so YES THIS IS EXTREME!!!"
What are your thoughts, was it the best prank ever, or did it go too far?

Youtube Prank Goes Too Far When Girlfriend Convinces Boyfriend She Has Been Murdered
[Image by De'arra & Ken 4 Life/Youtube]

Despite Ken's tears, De'arra's smile made everything right in the end. Just knowing she was okay was enough of an apology for him. Until the next prank, at least.

[Feature Image By De'arra & Ken For Life/Youtube]