‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Troian Bellisario Weds ‘Suits’ Star Patrick J. Adams — Get The Details

Pretty Little Liars showrunners have been promising a Season 7 wedding for some time now and that will certainly happen when Pretty Little Liars returns from its mid-season break, but, in the meantime, one PLL star has beaten the show to the punch. Troian Bellisario, who has played Spencer Hastings through all seven seasons of the show, has just married her long time love, Patrick J. Adams, who plays Mike Ross on Suits. Get an inside glimpse into the wedding, which was described as a rustic and romantic ceremony for a couple who have always seemed destined for one another.

For Troian Bellisario And Patrick Adams, Ambiance Is Everything

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As E! News shares, Troian and Patrick have been engaged since February, 2014, but the couple have now taken the ultimate plunge in a secluded, rustic wedding that ended with the couple slipping out of their wedding attire and into some more rugged outer wear. The wedding for Bellisario and Adams deviated from the standard traditions in a few ways, with one of them being the request that guests not bring gifts for the couple.

Instead of loading up Bellisario and Adams with the expected registry items, the Pretty Little Liars star and her Suits husband-to-be asked wedding attendees to donate cash to their two favorite charities, the David Suzuki Foundation and SickKids Hospital.

Another way Troian and Patrick challenged the norm was by setting up wedding guests in camping tents, after everyone was loaded into a converted school bus, painted with the words “Almost Married” on the back.

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Antique wooden movie theater chairs were set up in a clearing, surrounded by trees, with candles lining the aisles for soft lighting. Two tall, old oak trees served as a backdrop for Ms. Bellisario and Mr. Adams, as they exchanged vows.

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Pretty Little Liars Star Troian Bellisario Wears White, But Not For Long

For the wedding ceremony, Troian Bellisario wore the bride’s traditional white in the form of a Cortana gown with sheer sleeves and an open back, according to People. Patrick Adams didn’t wear a tux, but he dressed to impress in a three piece Ralph Lauren suit with a blue color theme.

The collection of guests looked like a who’s who of Pretty Little Liars and Suits stars with Pretty Little Liars showrunner I. Marlene King and Bellisario’s co-stars Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Sasha Pieterse, and Keegan Allen making up the bride’s side.

For the groom’s side, Adams invited friend Chris Pine and Suits co-star Sarah Rafferty.

The bus ride to the wedding/camp site turned out to be a little more eventful than Troian and Patrick, who drove the bus, had planned. A particularly soft mud patch proved troublesome enough that the guests were compelled to get out and push, rocking the converted school bus back and forth, until it could lurch forward out of the mud.

The rest of the event went much more smoothly with the wedding party moving out to the beach, after the ceremony, so they could take full advantage of the sunset. A campfire and live music ended the wedding night.


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Troian and Patrick have had their share of obstacles in making their relationship work, as might be expected from any Hollywood couple, and that is part of what has made their wedding day that much more special.

“It’s constant coordinating,” Bellisario said. “It’s really hard to be away from the person you love, especially when they’re your rock and support system.”

The Pretty Little Liars actress adds that their busy schedules may have actually helped them to learn how to relate to one another better, suggesting that a more normal courtship might not have worked for them.

“It’s a challenge but it’s kind of perfect because we’re such analytic, hyper intelligent people that sometimes just to be in each other’s faces all the time might have been too much for us,” Ms. Bellisario said in 2014, just after the official announcement of her engagement to Adams. “We’re really growing!”

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