Former WWE Star Cody Rhodes Releases Bullet Club Video As ‘The American Nightmare’

Cody Rhodes is one of the most interesting stories in professional wrestling right now. The son of “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes asked for his release from the WWE and it was granted. He made a list of his dream matches and received almost all of them. Now, Cody Rhodes is involved in one of the most famous factions in the world and released a video on Twitter announcing his arrival in Japan as part of the Bullet Club.

For those who don’t know, The Bullet Club is basically the Japanese version of the original nWo, without the unnecessary excess of members. The original leader of the Bullet Club was Prince Devitt, who left for the WWE and became Finn Balor. Replacing Price Devitt as the leader was AJ Styles and he held that role until he also left for the WWE.

Now, Kenny Omega is the leader of the Bullet Club, both in New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and in Ring of Honor. The only other really powerful members of the faction are the Young Bucks, a tag team that just passed up a chance to head to the WWE in order to remain in NJPW and Ring of Honor.

Other members of the group are Bad Luck Fale, Tama Tonga (the adopted son of Haku), Cody Hall (Scott Hall’s son), Chase Owens, and Ring of Honor star Adam Cole. The group of Kenny Omega, Adam Cole, and Young Bucks also have a sub-stable called The Elite.

The introduction of Cody Rhodes to the Bullet Club actually came at the most recent Ring of Honor pay-per-view event, Final Battle 2016. As the Inquisitr reported, Cody Rhodes turned heel in his match against Jay Lethal and won with a low blow.

After that, Kenny Omega released the video of Cody Rhodes to the NJPW crowd to announce that he was joining the Bullet Club. In the video, Cody Rhodes actually took on the moniker of The American Nightmare.

This nickname is a play on his dad’s nickname of The American Dream. Dusty Rhodes was the “son of a plumber” who made it good and ended up as one of the most successful professional wrestlers of all time. He had two sons who made it in the business. Dustin Rhodes became Goldust and is still on the WWE roster. Cody Rhodes took on his own name.

While Cody Rhodes was successful in the WWE, he never reached the level of success that he wanted and felt that his ideas for his character were being ignored. He started out as a blue chip athlete, moved on into a second generation gimmick, and then became “Dashing” and later morphed into Stardust, a copy of his brother’s character.

It was Stardust that sent Cody Rhodes to his breaking point. He asked for his release and received it. Since then, Cody Rhodes has wrestled all over the country, competing in different promotions just so he could wrestle the names on his dream list.


He beat Zack Sabre, Jr. and lost to Chris Hero in Evolve. He beat Kurt Angle in NEW Wrestling. He competed in the PWG BOLA tournament, beating Sami Callihan before losing to Marty Scurll. He beat one of his mentors, Pat Buck, At WrestlePro. He beat Mike Bennett and lost to Eddie Edwards in TNA. He won the GWF Nex*Gen title from Sonjay Dutt. He then beat Jay Lethal and Steve Corino in Ring of Honor.

Now, Cody Rhodes is heading to Japan to join The Bullet Club. Very rarely does a wrestler leave the WWE and find huge success in the indies. Cody Rhodes has not only done so, but he is blazing his own career path and things just look like they are getting brighter.

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