‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ News: Tom Holland Goes Undercover As A High School Student

Behind the scenes in Spider-Man: Homecoming, the star of the show, Tom Holland, immersed into the life of an ordinary teenager in the best way — he went undercover as a high school student in a school up in the Bronx.

Working behind the scenes in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Holland, 20, really got under the skin of Peter Parker, the iconic Marvel character who can climb walls and shoot long strands of web from his wrists, by going to a real high school pretending to be an ordinary student. He was so good at pretending to be a pupil that no one among his classmates noticed that a British actor was in their midst.

Holland said that he used an American accent all throughout his stay at the Bronx school and he tried his best to stay below the radar and pass himself off as just another student.

According to E! Online, in the Spider-Man: Homecoming behind the scenes, Holland spent three days in a Bronx high school using a fake name and an American accent while pretending to be a student there.

Holland was preparing for his role, and seeing that Peter Parker was a seemingly ordinary teenage student, albeit having the powers of a spider, it seemed apt that he lived the life of an ordinary American teenager even for just a few days.

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Behind the scenes in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Holland’s experience as an ordinary high school student not only prepared him for portraying Peter Parker, but it also opened his eyes to the subtle differences between British and American schools.

According to E! Online, he said that the school he went to back in the U.K. were very different from the school he went to in the Bronx.

Holland said that he had to wear a suit and tie to the school he attended in the U.K., while in the Bronx school where he was pretending to be a student the outfits were a little less formal.

Holland also said that he went to an exclusive school for boys back in the U.K., but in the school in the Bronx he experienced what it’s like to be studying with girls because it was a co-ed type of facility.

In the Spider-Man: Homecoming behind the scenes, Holland had fun pretending to be a student, but eventually he wasn’t able to keep his identity a secret. Although, when he did tell some of his classmates about his real identity, it sort of backfired on him.

Holland couldn’t resist telling his newfound friends that he’s the new Peter Parker in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming movie, but those whom he spilled the beans to didn’t believe a word he said.

According to the new Spider-Man, he told two of his classmates the truth about him. But unfortunately his portrayal of an ordinary teenage student was far more convincing that no one believed him when he said that he was only pretending.

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Holland said that one of his classmates even thought that he was a “freak” because she couldn’t believe what he was trying to tell her. In the Spider-Man: Homecoming behind the scenes, Holland said that he tried revealing his secret to one girl in his class but the latter simply said, “Dude, you’re nuts. You are literally the craziest guy I’ve ever met in my life.”

The British actor even dropped his fake American accent and used his natural voice to try and convince the girl that he really is an actor, but his classmate shrugged it off.

Holland also spoke of his other experiences working in the Spider-Man: Homecoming film, and one particular experience he liked so much was having the opportunity to work with famous actor Michael Keaton.

In a Facebook Live session, Holland spoke of the Spider-Man: Homecoming behind the scenes and said that he was so impressed with how Keaton portrayed his character, the Vulture, with so much menace that it was “terrifying” to see him in action.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is set to hit theaters on July 7, 2017.

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