Best Movies On Netflix For Thrill-Seekers, Plus Netflix Now Available On Google VR Headset [Trailers]

It looks like some of the best movies on Netflix are headed to your Google VR headset. And if you are seeking thrills in your new virtual reality theater, some of the best movies on Netflix provide plenty of mystery, suspense, and breathtaking action. Since virtual reality entertainment has become more affordable, more people are using it; since more people are using it, more streaming apps are becoming available for Google VR Daydream: Hulu, HBO, YouTube, Google Play Movies, and now, Netflix. As Android Police reported, Netflix is now available on Google Daydream VR.

“The app is simply titled ‘Netflix VR,’ and at the moment it’s more or less the same thing as Netflix on Android TV, just with a gigantic virtual screen and a swanky digital environment to watch your shows in. All of the content currently up on Netflix is accessible in the virtual interface via the Daydream controller. If you’ve used the Android TV client with its remote and/or a game controller, you should know what to expect.”

Google Daydream VR is currently available for their new Pixel phone, but as seen in the video below, the VR program will soon be compatible for other mobile devices. And in the meantime, most likely some programming whiz will release an app for other phones to become compatible.

Netflix programming is not currently on a VR platform, but watching your favorite movies in a virtual theater is sure to be an entertaining experience. Many expect media companies like Netflix and HBO to eventually develop their programming for a full virtual experience. But until then, YouTube has plenty of videos that will make your Daydream virtually come to life.

Best Movies On Netflix For Thrill-Seekers [Trailers]

Whether you are looking for thrillers, horror movies, or action-packed films, Netflix has a variety of titles for a thrill-ride on your new VR headset.

Lucky Number Slevin

The quips are as rampant as the action in one of the wittiest movies on Netflix, and it features an all-star cast: Josh Hartnett, Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley, Lucy Liu, Bruce Willis, and Stanley Tucci.

The Da Vinci Code

For those that like their Netflix movies with Tom Hanks, this is one of his most thrilling and action-packed.

The Rock

This is one of the newest movies on Netflix, and it was considered one of the best action films of 1996. This movie is all about enjoying the action, and Sean Connery, Ed Harris, and Nicolas Cage make that easy.

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Mission: Impossible III

You can always count on the M:I franchise for plenty of action and thrills. Plus, it has the late Philip Seymour Hoffman in one of his most evil roles.

16 Blocks

The shootouts and suspense are high in one of the best action movies on Netflix. Bruce Willis and Mos Def have great chemistry which makes this buddy-action film very entertaining.

Underworld: Evolution

It’s hard to get more action-packed than a movie featuring werewolves versus vampires.

The Recruit

Though the ending becomes a bit predictable, many regard this as one of the best political thrillers on Netflix.


Though it’s not anything new from other time-loop movies, this Netflix original has an abundance of suspense, mystery, and action.

The Uninvited

This is one of the most underrated horror movies on Netflix. It doesn’t have an excessive amount of gore, for those that need blood for their thrills, but it has plenty of suspense and a compelling plot.

John Dies at the End


This is one of the best movies on Netflix for those that like their thrillers mixed with horror and suspense.

Red Lights

Many critics panned this film, but Netflix subscribers have rated it nearly four (out of five) stars. Robert De Niro, Sigourney Weaver, and Cillian Murphy star in this paranormal thriller.

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From Lucky Number Slevin to Red Lights, some of the best movies on Netflix are perfect for thrill-seekers.

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