‘Logan,’ ‘Deadpool 2’ Could Introduce Mutant Universe For Fox Studios [Rumors]

Twentieth Century Fox could use next year’s X-Men installment Logan and the following year’s Deadpool 2 to help create a mutant movie universe intertwining multiple films and introducing new properties, multiple media outlets have suggested.

The rumors have focused on the plot for Logan, according to Movie Pilot. The storyline for Logan promises to introduce the character X-23 — a female clone of Wolverine with identical powers — that Logan and Professor X protect from Mr. Sinister.

Movie fans were teased about Nathanial Essex and his namesake company in the end-credit scenes of X-Men: Apocalypse. The scene also set-up Logan by revealing the blood of Wolverine — Weapon X — was taken by the Essex Corporation to create another individual with mutations like Logan.

Logan is likely to tell the backstory of how Nathanial Essex became Mr. Sinister, one of the top villains in the X-Men comics. If the movie origin follows the comic book past for Mr. Sinister, Apocalypse gave Mr. Sinister his telepathic powers through a pact, turning Mr. Sinister into a virtual immortal determined to create the perfect race of mutants.

That’s where Logan and Deadpool 2 are likely to cross paths, creating a portal into which future movies from Fox can be weaved into the storyline. In addition to creating X-23, Mr. Sinister is also responsible for creating the character of Cable by forcing Cyclops and a Jean Grey clone to bare a child. Cable — who is also known as Nathan Summers — is potentially a game-changer for the creation of the Fox mutant universe, Movie Pilot noted in the article.

“With Cable being a time-travel savvy character, he could be the one to finally connect the streams and tie the universe together! But it’s not just the time traveling aspect of the character that Cable’s story has in common with Logan’s; they also share a common villainous element in Mr. Sinister.”

In the ultra-successful Deadpool movie earlier this year, the titular character teased the next film would introduce Cable — a character Deadpool teamed up with in the comic books — in the post-credit scene. Should Cable appear in Logan, the inclusion of the same actor portraying the character in Deadpool 2 would open the gates to the Fox mutant universe that several rumors have suggested will be created by these two films.

While Mr. Sinister could also bridge the gap and appear in Deadpool 2, the more likley scenario involves Cable helping to create a Fox mutant universe. Having Cable appearing in Logan — even in an end-credits sequence — would allow Deadpool 2 to be the start of the Fox mutant universe. The move is extremely possible thanks to the ability to time-travel, the article noted.

“Having Cable show up in Logan before his appearance in Deadpool 2 is not only possible, but also a great decision on Fox’s part. Deadpool and Logan are both set in the X-Men universe, just at different times. It seems that Deadpool is set in the present day, Logan is set in the future, and the main X-Men movies are currently set in the past.”

Cable could become an important figure to the future of the X-Men, especially once storylines begin to diverge from the original core that Fox has created to date. Cable first emerged in The New Mutants comic book series, and a movie adaptation of the series is already taking shape, according to Movie Pilot. Cable may appear in this new film, as the character served as a mentor to several of the youthful agents in the comic book series.

Cable and his pupils later broke away from the X-Men to create the X-Force team under his command. Reportedly, the X-Force group is also garnering attention as a potential movie for Fox, adding even more fuel to the rumors that the mutant universe could develop to allow wider character use in future Fox movies.

Count Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds among the individuals who would like to see a mutant universe develop, according to Entertainment Weekly. The actor recently told the publication that he would like to have Logan actor Hugh Jackman — who will be leaving the Wolverine role after this movie — to appear in a future Deadpool installment, a move that would be made possible by having a shared Fox mutant universe.

“I want Deadpool and Wolverine in a movie together. What we’re gonna have to do is convince Hugh. If anything, I’m going to need to do what I can to get my internet friends back on board to help rally another cause down the line.”

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