‘Fuller House’ Cast Will Continue To Keep Michelle’s Character Alive, As Season 3 Is Highly Possible

Fuller House creator Jeff Franklin will continue to reach out to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen after the twins refused to reprise their role as the youngest member of the famous Tanner family. In an interview with Business Insider, Jeff said that they’d keep Michelle’s character alive.

“There’s probably less Michelle jokes and Michelle references in season two than there was in season one, but we keep the character alive because she’s part of the family.”

It’s been years since Mary-Kate and Ashley turned their backs on Hollywood to focus on their fashion empire. Prior to the airing of the spin-off’s first season, many speculations have emerged on how the cast would handle Michelle’s absence.

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One angle suggested that the producers thought of giving Michelle’s role to the younger Olsen sister, Elizabeth. Executive producer John Stamos said that Elizabeth’s agent turned down the offer but according to Jeff, they were never intent on recasting the role.

Jeff last spoke with the Olsens in 2015 and despite their refusal to return, he is still hopeful.

“We’ll continue to reach out and let them know the door is open and we’d love to see them. And it’s going to be their call. I respect their wishes. They’re extremely busy and not actors anymore.”

When the second season of Fuller House premiered on Netflix, some were disheartened that Michelle still did not turn up. Nonetheless, Jeff is staying true to his word of keeping her memory alive.

In a recent episode, D.J. wished during Thanksgiving dinner that Michelle could finally be with them next year. “We’re so fortunate that we’re all here together and we’re healthy. We miss Michelle, we hope that she’ll be with us next year,” D.J. said. It wasn’t a random reference because Uncle Jesse then looked directly at the camera.

John still seems determined to bring them back on board that he even shared a video of a Full House behind the scenes. The 1989 video shows the toddlers attempting to say his name. There have been a couple of references of the twins’ absence in the show. In the first season of Fuller House, Danny said that Michelle can’t make it to the family reunion as she is too busy with her fashion business in New York. Everyone then glared at the camera.

Another mention of Michelle was when Kimmy purchased a dress designed by Michelle for Ramona. The price tag isn’t particularly cheap which prompted her to say that Michelle no longer needs to go home because of it.

In a statement last year to E!, executive producer Robert Boyett said that they respect Mary-Kate and Ashley’s decision.

“It has been exciting to see how they have built their professional careers, and I support their choice to focus on their fashion brands and various business endeavors. I appreciate their support and good wishes towards Fuller House.”

Although there’s no confirmation yet if Fuller House will be renewed for its third season, it appears that the Tanner family will continue to delight viewers. Jeff recently made a huge investment when he bought the original house that appeared in Full House’s outside shots.

He reportedly purchased the property for $4 million. Jeff claims that he bought the house for sentimental reasons although he would love to invite the cast members to film new scenes in there. When the house went on sale, Jeff thought that he really needed to own it.

My new house in San Francisco. Look familiar?!

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It is highly likely that Fuller House will have another season as Vanity Fair cites the show as one of the current most-watched shows not just in Netflix but in other traditional hubs too.

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