Blac Chyna: Kardashians Not Trusting Former Stripper’s Intentions To Use ‘KUWTK’ Last Name [Rumor]

Blac Chyna’s intentions to use the family’s last name seem shady, a new report alleges to have overheard the Kardashians telling their friends.

As previously revealed, Rob and Chyna have confirmed they are moving ahead with plans to get married next year, having initially called off their summer wedding due to Blac’s unexpected pregnancy surprise.

In recent conversations, however, Blac is said to have mentioned the fact that she wants to ditch her stage name and change it to Angela Renee Kardashian — a move none of the actual Kardashians are happy with, it’s been alleged.

The likes of Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe are questioning Blac Chyna’s actual intentions in wanting to carry the family’s surname, supposedly convinced that the mother of two is only doing this because she wants to profit from the family’s brand.

Being the businesswoman that she is, Blac Chyna can then change all of her current beauty products from Lashed to something that’s advertised as Kardashian, which Rob’s sisters think is a conflict of interest because they are in no way affiliated with Blac’s businesses.

Not only will this confuse fans, it will also mean that Blac stands the chance to make a fortune just by throwing the Kardashian name on everything she puts her name on.

Because of this, Blac Chyna is beginning to realize that the bond she thought she had built with the family was nothing more than a publicity stunt — that’s the only way the 28-year-old can explain why her future sister-in-laws are preventing her from carrying the surname she should be entitled to.

A source tells Hollywood Life, “Kim, Khloe, Kris and the family feel like they have bent over backwards to squash their beef with Chyna, but that doesn’t mean they completely trust her.”

“They definitely don’t trust her and feel like she’s trying to capitalize off of their fame. She’s hurt them before too many times. She’s unpredictable. They have worked too damn hard to create this mega brand to have it tainted by a wild card like Chyna.”

It’s devastating for Blac Chyna, considering the fact that she has made a tremendous effort in making peace with the Kardashians, whom she found herself in endless feuds with prior to making her romance with Rob Kardashian official back in January.

Last year, Blac had made some infamous threats toward Kylie Jenner, as revealed by Radar Online, who she accused of stealing her ex-boyfriend Tyga. Blac Chyna gave the impression that she never fully recovered from the split, especially since the breakup came just one year after she had given birth to their son, King Cairo, 4.

Yet, despite the fact that all of their issues had been resolved and everyone was able to move forward, Blac Chyna is quickly seeing that there’s still no trust between the Kardashians and herself.

As hurt as she knows Rob’s siblings will be, Blac doesn’t think the family has a case to battle in court. If she ends up marrying Rob next year, she has may every right to not only carry the Kardashian name as her surname but also use it for branding purposes to promote her businesses.

Fans can expect to see the never-ending drama between Blac Chyna and the Kardashians fold out when Keeping Up With the Kardashians returns in January on the E! network.

[Featured Image by Greg Doherty/Getty Images]