‘ARK Survival: Evolved’ Performance On PS4 Pro Costs $900 On PC

What’s better than getting ARK Survival: Evolved on the PlayStation 4 this week? Playing it at 1080p on the PS4 Pro.

Earlier this week, Inquisitr reported that PlayStation 4 players finally got their hands on ARK Survival: Evolved, Studio Wildcard’s open world action-adventure survival video game. ARK Survival: Evolved has indeed gone through a rough and long evolution ever since it was released through the Steam Early Access for Windows PC on June 2, 2015. In December last year, ARK Survival: Evolved already saw the light in Xbox One consoles through the Xbox Game Preview Program for Xbox One. It’s only about time (if not overdue) that it also land on the PlayStation 4 console.

Of course, ARK Survival: Evolved on PS4 is still pretty much a work in progress, as much as its counterparts on the Xbox One and PC. New creatures, new items, and new game mechanics are still making their way into ARK Survival: Evolved and Studio Wildcard is positive that the next coming months will be exciting for the players.

Apart from the interesting and beautiful world that ARK Survival: Evolved could offer Xbox One, PC, and, now, PS4 players all over the globe, one of the more exciting news that came with the PS4 release is that ARK Survival: Evolved has also released support for the PS4 Pro.

The PS4 Pro just launched last November to skeptical players and critics but it has proven to be quite a formidable console, capturing the serious players on HDTVs. In fact, developers have been very approving of the PS4 Pro, Video Gamer reports, explaining why a lot of already-released and upcoming AAA titles are scrambling to provide PS4 Pro support.

And Ark Survival: Evolved is certainly not missing out on the fun. Even though Ark Survival: Evolved still has much ground to cover before its “content complete” version, it has taken the liberty of releasing support for the PS4 Pro.

ARK Survival: Evolved on the PS4 is the best yet

WCCFTech reports that ARK Survival: Evolved Lead Programmer and Co-Founder Jeremy Stieglitz has expressed how pleased he is with the performance of ARK Survival: Evolved on the PS4 Pro, comparing its performance to a powerful custom-built PC.

“Very impressed with its performance, at a very reasonable price. We estimate it would cost at least $900 to build a similarly powerful PC, and that’s if you were custom-building it with extreme cost control. We estimate its raw GPU performance is similar to an NVIDIA 970, and along with CPU improvements and overall more memory, it’s a really high benchmark for console performance. Hats off to Sony for ‘crossing the Rubicon’ of console hardware updates.”

Studio Wildcard reveals that ARK Survival: Evolved is targeting 30-45 FPS on PlayStation 4 at 680p or 720p resolutions. But if you’re already on the PS4 Pro bandwagon, you’ll be pleased to know that running ARK Survival: Evolved on the PS4 Pro will get you 60 FPS at 720p and play around 30-60 FPS at 1080p.


As of now, Stieglitz reveals that they are already working on ARK Survival: Evolved Cross-Play between the PS4 and the PC, and the Xbox One and PC. Cross-console Play, however, is also not far on their to-do list and ARK Survival: Evolved players might see Xbox One and PS4 Cross-Play in the near future.

You can purchase ARK Survival: Evolved Founder’s Edition on the PlayStation 4 for roughly $38 (£29.99) to get the up-to-date version, which includes all previously released content plus exclusive PS4 content Bionic Giga skin and complete Manticore armor set. If you’re looking to get the ARK: Scorched Earth expansion pack as well, you might want to pick up the ARK: Survival Survivor’s Pack for $50, which will include the up-to-date version of the game plus the Scorched Earth expansion pack.

ARK Survival: Evolved is releasing its content complete version on Spring 2017.
ARK Survival: Evolved is releasing its content complete version on Spring 2017.

[Featured image by Studio Wildcard]