Blac Chyna Refusing To Attend ‘KUWTK’ Christmas Dinner Amid Kardashian Trademark Court Battle [Rumor]

Blac Chyna is not participating in any Christmas celebrations with the Kardashians amid reports revealing that the family is actively preventing her from trademarking their last name.

Chyna and Rob have made plans to get married next summer. A date is still being worked out, according to sources, but producers of their hit show Rob & Chyna are in the know of things and are currently working out a deal that’ll satisfy the couple enough to showcase it all for TV.

While there’s plenty of money coming in for Chyna and Rob, the potential of making much more by carrying the Kardashian surname is now being prevented by Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe, who’ve hired the best lawyers in Los Angeles to fight the trademark case for them.

The sisters argue that Blac’s interest to carry their surname could potentially cause conflict with their brands, especially if Chyna and Rob were to break up. The family won’t have a say of what Blac decides to place the Kardashian surname on, which could evidently enough put their empire at risk.

Blac Chyna, however, allegedly thinks that the real reason why the Kardashians don’t want her carrying the surname is all down to the supposed fact that they think she’s an opportunist and only wants the last name of a Kardashian to further her career and business ventures.

The former stripper is livid by the fact that her soon-to-be sister-in-laws are trying to stop her from legally carrying her fiancé’s last name. An alternative option to this plan would be that Blac gets the Kardashian surname but won’t be allowed to use it for any marketing or business plans — an agreement Chyna would certainly not be happy about.

“The last thing Chyna’s trying to do is sit up in Kim [Kardashian], Khloe [Kardashian] and Kourtney [Kardashian]’s face and break bread with them on Christmas,” a source tells Hollywood Life, stressing that things are only going to get worse from here on out.

“That would be like eating dinner with Jason Voorhies and Freddy Krueger right in front of your face knowing that you’re being stabbed in the back at the same time,” said the source. “Chyna’s cool on them right now.”

Fans still haven’t forgotten about the Kardashians’ annoyance and frustration after finding out that Blac Chyna was expecting Rob’s baby. The family was furious since Blac had been feuding with Kylie Jenner for months prior to beginning a romantic relationship with Rob.

According to Daily Mail, Khloe, in particular, was outraged by the fact that her brother would even consider the idea of dating Blac Chyna. She stressed at the time that Rob knew how distraught Kylie was by the social media threats that were made by the ex-stripper, who couldn’t fathom the idea of her ex-boyfriend, Tyga, leaving her for a then 17-year-old.

The Kardashians are well known to celebrate Christmas with all of their family and friends, but it seems as if Blac Chyna won’t be attending any of the celebration parties, especially now that she’s fully aware that Rob’s sisters still don’t trust her enough to let her carry their last name.

It should be stressed, however, that Blac Chyna will most definitely file an appeal against the case the Kardashians are desperately hoping to win.

[Featured Image by Greg Doherty/Getty Images]