Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Official Death Could Lead To Increased Google Pixel XL And iPhone 7 Plus Sales [Opinion]

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is officially dead — again. This time, it’s permanent. NBC News has the story.

“Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 smartphone is officially going down in flames. On December 19, the smartphone maker will roll out a software update that will render those few Galaxy Note 7 phones that are still in the wild completely useless.”

The article adds that while more than 93 percent of Samsung phones have been returned, 7 percent remain at risk of causing a fire. The Note 7 recall has been a huge fiasco for Samsung, but the fact that the Korean company is killing off the remaining phones (which many say are a lot more than Samsung wants you to believe) is good business for Apple and Google.

If you are replacing your Note 7 and are an Android user, you could go back to the Galaxy Note 5, which is only outdated by one year. However, if you want something current and just as robust as the Galaxy Note 7 (without pen support), then there is the Google Pixel XL. Trusted Reviews gave the Pixel XL 4.5 stars.

“Look past the slightly mundane design, and you’ll find yourself a complete phone that more than justifies its lofty price tag. Yes, it is possible to get a great Android phone without spending £600+, but in the Pixel XL you have the very best of what’s on offer.”

Pixel XL
The Google Pixel XL has received fantastic reviews. [Image by Daryl Deino]

The review calls the Pixel XL a true iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S7 rival featuring the best version of Android yet while also complimenting the camera.

The Pixel XL, like the Galaxy Note 7 (pre-recall), has received almost unanimous high marks. However, Russell Holly from Android Central would rather have a working Galaxy Note 7.

“This is a great phone, and when you factor in security updates this is going to be the phone I recommend to people for a long time. That said, over the last few days I found myself missing the kitchen sink of features that comes with owning a Galaxy Note 7. Before it was the laughing stock of the world for occasionally turning into a heap of molten slag, the Note 7 had some lessons to teach every other phone,” Holly claims, adding that the Note 7 at least had expandable storage, wireless charging, and was waterproof. Many of the commenters after the article agree with Holly.

“None of these new phones….not the LG V20, not the Google Pixel, not the iPhone 7…… nothing is as good as the Note 7, period!!!!” exclaims PinkOrchid22.

“I HATED to give up my Note 7. Best device I’ve ever used. Pixel just misses on things I like. I think I’ll go back to the Note 5,” says Natypes.

If you don’t mind changing operating systems, the iPhone 7 Plus is a good alternative to the Note 7 as well. It doesn’t have as high of a pixel density as the Note 7, but the color display accuracy is the best you can currently get on a smartphone. Besides, the iPhone has stereo speakers, a feature that has been highly underrated.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus
The iPhone 7 Plus has a beautiful screen and stereo speakers. [Image by Daryl Deino]

The iPhone 7 Plus has also received high marks. Tech Radar gave Apple’s latest phablet 4.5 stars.

“It may not be the upgrade we were hoping for, but the iPhone 7 Plus is still an excellent phone with improved cameras, super slick performance and a handy waterproof, yet familiar design.”

Many people who have used the Galaxy Note 7 really won’t find a true replacement until the Galaxy Note 8 comes out. Samsung’s recalled smartphone felt and looked almost too good to be true, and it was. Let’s hope Samsung is working on a Galaxy Note 8 that won’t blow up in your face.

[Featured Image by Daryl Deino]